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5/3/18 Blotter

Hannah Shumsky, Rocket Contributor

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April 26 – Police were called to Weisenfluh Dining Hall for an employee who would not leave. The person ended up leaving.

April 26 – A community assistant from Building F saw a door open with no one inside and observed beer. Police could not enter room without consent of the owner. The community assistant was advised to report it and dispose of alcohol.

April 26 – A community assistant from Building E called police about a marijuana odor. Police found no odor and cleared without incident.

April 27 – Police were called to Thompson Field for a medical emergency. An ambulance was dispatched and the person was taken to the hospital.

April 28 – Police received a call for an intoxicated person standing on Kiester Road. Person was taken to the police department and picked up by a friend. The person was cited.

April 28 – Health Center staff called police to report an intoxicated person trying to leave in their car in the Rhoads Hall Staff Lot. The person was eventually taken to the hospital by ambulance.

April 28 – Police received a call for a possible disturbance on Green and White Way. One person was taken back to the police department and was picked up by a parent. Bailey Wilson, 19, was cited with an alcohol violation.

April 28 – Derek Bird, 19, was cited for an alcohol violation.

April 29 – Drew Durasa, 22, was cited with driving under the influence.

April 3o – Police were called about a stolen bike. The bike was just moved and found later.

April 30 – A person reported a can smoldering in Central Loop. Police extinguished the can with water.

May 1 – Police received a fire alarm from Building E. The cause was burnt food.

May 2 – Police were called to the Physical Therapy Building lot for a non-reportable accident. Information was exchanged.

May 2 – Health Center staff called to report a person who was ill in the Dinger Building. The Health Center could not respond. The person did not want any treatment. Police took the person back to their residence.

May 2 – Police assisted Pennsylvania State Police to process a DUI at the police station.

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