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Alert systems helps inform students of emergencies

Haley Potter, Rocket Contributor

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Slippery Rock University has an official emergency alert system in effect for students and faculty for if there were ever to be an emergency.

As freshmen orientations begin, it is important for students to be aware of this technology to ensure safety, according to university public relations correspondent, Robb King.

E2Campus is SRU’s official text notification system to alert subscribers of critical information regarding their safety and their campus’ safety no matter what time it is or where they are in the world.

“The system expands the university’s ability to send critical news and information to the University community during campus emergencies,” King said.

Aside from just text message alerts, the system is also able to push those alerts directly to the u   niversity’s social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, so that students who are not subscribed to the text messages are also able to get updates on their campus instantly. When an E2Campus alert is sent out, a mass email is also sent to the entire SRU community.

Although many updates have taken place recently, the system has been around since July of 2007. Since then, e2Campus is constantly taking feedback from its clients into consideration in order to make improvements moving forward.

“When we first started, we didn’t have the capability to automatically push messages to social media. Now that is a standard part of our communication channels,” King said.

The system is designed to send out different types of critical information including weather-related class delays or campus closures, emergency conditions or pending emergency drill alerts.

King said, “Every student should subscribe to e2Campus to ensure they receive the most accurate and timely information during any emergency. The University only uses e2Campus in the case of an emergency, so you’ll never be bothered with other messages. It is very important for students to receive these messages so that they can respond to the situation,” King said

To register for this free service, students can visit 

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Alert systems helps inform students of emergencies