Basic requirements undergo name changes

Published by adviser, Author: Chris Gordon - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 9, 2015

Interpreting Literature, previously ENGLISH 210, has been renamed to Critical Reading, ENGLISH 104, at Slippery Rock University.

The name change reflects a broadening of the course’s scope to emphasize rhetorical principles and writing instruction established in College Writing, ENGL 102, said Dr. Robert Crafton, an associate professor of English at SRU who oversaw the course transition.

The course number change, from ENGL 210 to ENGL 104, was meant to reflect the sequential nature of the former Interpreting Literature following College Writing, Crafton added.

“All of these changes reflect the role of Critical Reading as the second, not third, course in the basic liberal studies requirements,” Crafton said.  “Many students delayed taking Interpreting Literature because it was perceived as a sophomore-level course, which it was when we still had a two-semester composition sequence, College Writing I and II,” he continued.

‘Critical’ was added to the course title to emphasize the role of critical thought as an intellectual skill, which was not emphasized in the former title, Crafton said.

“The change in title also reflects trends in the discipline, bringing our course offerings into line with current thought in composition theory and instruction,” Crafton added.

To further reflect this change, the English department is in the process of renaming College Writing, ‘Critical Writing,’ Crafton said.

While the name change may confuse some current students, incoming students will not know the difference, as they will have never experienced the previous system, Crafton concluded.


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