The Writers’ Circle

New group provides outlet for students

Published by Annabelle Chipps, Date: March 22, 2024

The Writers’ Circle is a new group on campus that provides designated time for students to flex their creative muscles. 

Formerly called “Writing Club Thing,” the group meets every other Monday on the second floor of Bailey Library from 3-4:30 p.m. Their next two meetings will take place April 1 and April 15. 

The group is led by Patrick McGinty, a creative writing professor who received student requests for time to write among their peers. 

“It’s just a space for people to come work on any sort of creative project they want. Most of them are writing-related projects,” he said. “Somebody came, just worked on some thank you notes that they had to write one day. And that was a great, wonderful act of creative writing too.”

A writing prompt is provided, though many students work on homework or personal creative endeavors.  

“Really, the only structured part of it is at the end. We just go around and say what we worked on so other people can feel inspired,” McGinty said. 

He then emphasized that students do not need to be writing majors or have experience to participate. 

“It’s not like we’re trying to show off,” he said. “It’s just to be around other people, other writers in the act of creation.” 

The space is organized so that participants can choose to work collaboratively or alone. 

“Students last semester who really wanted this time…they were all pretty insistent that [they] want to get out of Spotts,” McGinty said. Many students studying English spend their entire day in the classroom building. 

The group’s Bailey Library location also allows for passersby to join.  

“Part of the goal is to make writing as easy and accessible as possible,” McGinty said. “The semester is sort of an endless sort of stream or current of stuff…this sort of feels like getting out of the water for a second and having a picnic on the side of that stream.”

Currently, The Writers’ Circle is not an official SGA organization. However, they have garnered a revolving door of attendees and plan to expand next semester. 

Those interested in joining the mailing list are encouraged to contact McGinty at


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