Spring fashion: nonbasic basics

Create spring looks with simplicity and style

Published by Ashley Farrell, Date: March 6, 2024
A spring closet shows spring classics. A mix of long sleeves and short bottoms, or short sleeves and long bottoms can elevate any wardrobe.

Slippery Rock’s early March weather gave us a glimpse into the warm spring that is ahead. While the sunshine and warm temperatures may have just been a teaser, they are a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

As spring approaches, it is time to get a head start on the spring fashion trends to make your wardrobe pop. A new trend that Glamour Magazine recently spotlighted is nonbasic basics. What is that, exactly?

Nonbasic basics encapsulate the idea that simple yet glamorous outfits are in. Basics are a staple to every wardrobe as they are versatile and prove to be a steady part of today’s fashion landscape.

Jenny Walton, a Vogue contributor, explained in a recent Vogue article that simplistic yet chic outfits will remain stylish even as new trends emerge. With the never-ending culture of fast fashion, it is crucial to remember that basics will always be in. We suggest taking time to invest in high-quality and sustainable basics that will remain in your closet for years to come.

Achieving the nonbasic basic look is simple. Pieces include plain long-sleeved shirts, a reliable pair of high-waisted denim jeans, everyday white sneakers or a trusty leather jacket. The options are endless.

The key is to elevate these basic pieces through accessorizing and laying. A leather jacket and blue denim might not always be the most exciting outfit. However, pairing that outfit with a statement handbag or pair of thick hoop earrings can pull it together beautifully.

Get a headstart and begin prepping your wardrobe so you can dance into spring with style.


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