SRU theatre presents M4M

Theatre department performs Shakespeare adaptation

Published by Kayla Raynak, Date: November 27, 2023

The SRU theatre department will be performing M4M at the Performing Arts Center Miller Theater. People will have the opportunity to see the show Nov. 17-18 and 20 at 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 19 at 2 p.m.

The play is adapted from and a retelling of Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare.

“What the creative team and writers have done is adapt it to add certain elements that make the show accessible and appropriate in today’s political climate,” Lily Joseph, a freshman who plays Juliet and understudies Isabella, said.

The theatre department works many hours to present and create these performances and is excited for audiences to see their shows. 

“This was such an enriching and wonderful learning experience for me and my colleagues. Performing, especially Shakespeare, is my favorite thing in the world,” Joseph said. “Getting to work with such amazing people who have taught me so much about acting and life has been the greatest privilege.”

For auditions, students had to prepare a one to one-and-a-half-minute Shakespearean monologue, and then the callbacks were improvisation-based.

The cast and crew worked and adapted to many script and creative changes to see what worked best for the show.

“We all have bits and pieces that we individually contributed to the story. Honestly, that’s one of my favorite things about our experimental show,” Joseph said. “Physically getting to affect what changes and why in the show was such a unique experience that I would never trade.”

“I also love my costumes in the show. We have a beautiful wardrobe team that makes the whole cast look phenomenal,” Joseph said.

Tickets are on sale now at or at the Miller ticket counter up to an hour before each performance.

“We are a beautiful community of diverse individuals who all have one thing in common: we love telling stories. Working on M4M with just a handful of them has been the best gift I could’ve asked for in my first semester here,” Joseph said.


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