Rocky horror at The Rock

RockOUT, others engages students with cult class film

Published by Annabelle Chipps, Date: March 1, 2023

RockOUT, Rock The Weekend and the Pride Center teamed up to host their own version of a Rocky Horror Picture Show event on Saturday, Feb. 25 in the SSC theater. 

Guests sat at tables and chairs facing a screen that displayed the 1975 cult classic film. Many students came dressed as characters from the show. 

The event also featured a table of candy, chips and drinks, along with a photo booth and props. 

Students were given a bag of props that correlated with the script and certain parts of the movie. The bag contained bubble soap, a glow stick, a party hat, a sponge, a paper plate, a noise maker, a rubber glove and an old copy of The Rocket. 

They were also given a script with bolded lines for audience participation. One of the lines read, “That’s no way to behave on your first day out,” to which the audience responded, “of the closet!” Puns and jokes like these were sprinkled throughout the show. 

RockOut president, senior Natalie Smith, said club officers went through the movie together to modernize the participatory script. 

“We took old scripts that use some pretty derogatory language and updated it a little bit,” Smith said, “and we went through the movie together to figure out what props we wanted to use…it does kind of have RockOUT’s own little twist.” 

Smith also said the event had been in the works since fall 2022. 

“We know Slippery Rock has done events like this in the past, but they have not done anything like it since my generation of students has been here,” Smith said. 

It was funded by the university through Rock The Weekend. 

“We work with them for all our drag shows as well,” Smith said. 

Gwen King, a student who attended the event, said her favorite part was seeing herself and others in costume. 

“I dressed up as the main character, Doctor Frank N Furter,” King said. “I got so many compliments…it was a great time.” 


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