Honors College keeps students and faculty occu‘pied’

“Pie a Professor” combines fun with a good cause

Published by Annabelle Chipps, Date: September 23, 2022

The SRU Honors College hosted a “berry” sweet fundraiser, Pie a Professor, during common hour on Tuesday, Sept. 20. For a $2 donation, students could throw plates of cool whip, or “pies”, at an array of professors. Proceeds went to the Storm Harbor Equestrian Center on campus.  

SRU junior Sydney Snyder, fundraising co-chair for the Honors College, spoke about last year’s pie-related donations, which went to the Butler Women’s Health Association. 

“We raised over $800 to further research and help our local community with various mental health crises,” Snyder said, “This year we are going to help [Storm Harbor] with whatever therapies or services they need.”  

The group plans to hold pie-throwing events annually.  

“We have no specific financial goal,” Snyder said. “I know they’ll be grateful for [any money], and we will too.”  

Participating faculty came from various departments. English professors, biology professors, higher-level administration such as President William Behre and more stood behind the bakery battle line.  

According to Snyder, students were drawn in by professors they had “pent-up anger towards”.  

One frequently targeted member was biology professor Evan Guiney. This is his second year taking part in the event. 

“It seems like it’s all my favorite students going out of their way to pie me,” he said. “The students seem to like it, but I hate getting pied. The sound [of the pie hitting Guiney’s face] is the best part, though.” 

Honors College member Zach Brodnick stated that “Pie a Professor” had been tremendously successful the year before. 

“We broke our record for fundraising with just one single event,” Brodnick said. 

Students who attended described it as therapeutic. 

“The event was a good outlet for me,” said sophomore Chloe Wright. “There is nothing like a little revenge therapy.” 

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Annabelle Chipps is the News Editor for The Rocket. This is her second year on staff, the first of which earned her 1st and 2nd place for best overall feature in the Society for Collegiate Journalists national contest. She is double majoring in Secondary English Education and Creative Writing. She loves to read and pet her cat.


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