Simple Ways To Have a Better Commute to Campus

Published by Partnered Content, Date: July 27, 2022
Simple Ways To Have a Better Commute to Campus

Students rely on many modes of transportation to make it from home to campus, including buses, cars, and bikes. Commuting to campus has always been a challenge, and most students would like a simpler way to get there. Fortunately, some helpful ideas will simplify your commute and help you arrive on time.


Taking on the task of getting to school alone gets tiring when you’ve done it repeatedly. Carpooling with classmates will make the commute to campus better because you can bond and prepare for another stressful day of classes and schoolwork together. But riding with friends isn’t just fun. Carpool lanes can save you time on the freeway. Plus, getting picked up gives you more time to get ready in the morning.

Use On-Campus Resources

Many campuses understand that a large number of students need to commute because they live off-campus. Most universities offer different transit options to help students get to where they need to go. Campus shuttles give students a free ride to the dorms or frequented areas like the library or dining halls. The school may also use shuttles to get to and from parking lots, saving time and money so you don’t have to walk the whole way after you park.

Keep Supplies in Your Bag and Car

In college, you will need many things daily, such as a book, a laptop, a phone charger, and supplies. When you live off-campus, you have to ensure you have everything you need for the day before you leave because you won’t have time to return and get it.

Bringing supplies in your bag or car improves your commute to campus. Both options will hold many things you may need for specific situations, like a spare notebook, hand sanitizer, or a spare pair of headphones for downtime. Think ahead when packing up so you will be prepared for any surprises on campus.

Leave Earlier

Traffic during certain times of the day is stressful, and you’ll need to be smart if you want to make it to class on time without any accidents. For every appointment or scheduled activity, it always helps to leave home early. Leaving earlier than usual will help you find parking.

You can also encourage your university to improve student parking on campus by creating a more organized parking area. And if you’re early enough, you’ll have time to rest before class or grab something to eat.

The trek to school is challenging for college students. But with these tips, the commute will be less stressful and help you prepare for a day of learning.


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