Weekly Organization Spotlight: Clarinet Choir

Clarinet players bond over their love of the instrument

Published by , Date: April 8, 2022

Slippery Rock University’s Clarinet Choir is in its third year. During that time, the group has tripled in size, growing from seven members to 22. They were recently chosen to perform at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) conference on Friday, April 8. 

Victoria Lewis, a sophomore majoring in music education, is the current president of the Clarinet Choir. She has played the clarinet since fifth grade. 

“We’re open to anyone who shares a love of clarinet and wants to join an ensemble . . . It’s great to spend time with people that share the same love as me,” Lewis said. 

The choir meets for an hour and a half every Thursday, working on a few pieces per semester to showcase their talents and hard work. According to Lewis, they accept all skill levels. Members range from clarinet majors, to music majors who play clarinet as a secondary instrument, to students with unrelated majors who play because they enjoy it. 

“We try and show up in the community and hope that anyone who loves the clarinet will join us,” Lewis said. 

The Clarinet Choir typically performs once or twice a semester. This semester, they have performed four times so far, with the fifth occurring yesterday for the PMEA conference. According to Lewis, they were selected to perform at the conference out of more than 50 groups. 

Lewis enjoys the variety of possible sounds in an all-clarinet ensemble. 

“The clarinet acts as tons of different instruments . . . it’s really cool because we can blend and shape the music to fit the clarinet,” Lewis said. 

Students interested in joining Clarinet Choir can email Victoria Lewis at vel1003@sru.edu or visit their CORE page. 

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