Creating recipes for success

Published by , Date: March 28, 2022

On Tuesday the success coaches held “Don’t Crumble Mid-Semester” in the Robert M. Smith Student Center (SSC). The sessions were designed to help students reflect on their study habits and develop new strategies, with a theme based around cookies. 

Julie Ferringer, one of two assistant directors for Success Coaching, has been working with the program since 2018. She called this week’s discussions “wonderfully engaging.” 

“We strategically host a lot of group coaching opportunities for all students at times of the year where we know students might be starting to feel that midterm slump . . . just to keep that momentum going for them,” Ferringer said. 

According to Ferringer, the events are handled much like normal group coaching sessions. It’s all about engagement, especially between students. They reflect on obstacles, possible solutions, and share strategies and techniques with each other. Then these ideas are turned into individual plans. 

“We like to follow a 70/30 role . . . we’re playing that 30%, where we’re asking thought-provoking questions, and facilitating and guiding them on this journey,” Ferringer said. 

The cookie theme was incorporated into all aspects of the event: choosing ingredients that will help students succeed, combining them into a “recipe” and “baking” by putting their plan into action. Free cookies were also provided. 

Ferringer considers “Don’t Crumble Mid-Semester” a success based on the positive impact she has seen on past attendees. Other students who attended coaching sessions will come back to tell the coaches about their accomplishments, like acing a test or making the Dean’s List. 

“A lot of the students from the first session already have booked follow-up sessions with our peer academic coaches or our success coaches,” Ferringer said. “I think building those relationships is really valuable.”

To stay up to date with future Success Coaching events, follow @srupacsuccess on Instagram or visit their CORE page. 


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