Uncommon Hour provides students with helpful advice to assist with the future

Career and Development Center provides information for common topics students may have questions about

Published by , Date: September 20, 2021

On Sept. 14 the Career and Development Center held their first Uncommon Hour event: Resumes that Rock. During this event, staff of the Career and Development Center went through resume examples, discussed relevant elements to include on your resume and what professionals in the workplace look for from resumes. 

The SRU Office of Career Education and Development offers services to support students and alumni in their career development process. Career and Life Design Coach, Aubrey Rader spoke on her hopes for the Uncommon Hour series. 

“The hope would be to reach more students,” said Rader. “A lot of our office appointments are taken up by students completing assignments or students that are required to come for an organization or a course. A lot of times students cannot get on our calendar when they want to.” 

The Career and Development Center is encouraging students to attend the workshops if it is more convenient for their schedule. These workshops allow students to get started on the basics of resumes, cover letters, interview practice and more.  

“The other hope would just be for students to find more ways to interact with our office,” said Rader. “For students to be able to be prepared for their career, they need to interact our office.” 

The Career and Development Center is aware that students are busy, and appointments might not work into their schedules.  Therefore, the office has scheduled at least one Uncommon Hour session a week for the rest of the semester. These sessions will include various topics that are meant to assist students in their college career and future careers.  

Upcoming session topics include: LinkedIn & Networking in College, Internship Professional Prep Sessions, Prepare for the Fair, Interviewing Tips and Tricks, Professional Writing Workshop and Finding your Fit.

For those who are graduating or have graduated, the Career and Development Center offers services for SRU alumni. 

For the comfort and convenience of students, some Uncommon Hour events are offered virtually and in-person. All locations and times are listed on CORE. In person session will be held at the Robert M. Smith Student Center in Room 323 during common hour.  

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