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Published by Owen Myers, Date: September 3, 2021

Over the summer, there’s one artist who’s been booming underground. He had the opportunity to perform live for the first time, alongside two of his affiliates. He trended on TikTok multiple times, which created a ton of buzz around his name. He’s been thrown into the Playboi Carti niche of rap. This artist goes by the name of YEAT.

In an interview with Our Generation Music, YEAT said he is a rapper out of Portland, OR and has Romanian and Mexican roots in his family. He is affiliated with the underground collective Slayworld, which features other bubbling artists like Autumn!, Summrs, and Kankan. YEAT currently has four albums and four EP’s available for streaming.

The first time YEAT caught the attention of the public was his song “Sorry Bout That” from his project “4L” that dropped on July 11 of this year. The listener is immediately introduced to the memorable hook and a somewhat odd cadence. After a few listens, people may add the song to their personal playlist and may even listen to the rest of the song’s respective project.

The artist’s latest project release is an EP titled “Trendi.” The EP contains four solid songs that I recommend for people to give a listen to. The project features one of the many songs that has trended as a snippet on TikTok called, “Mad Bout That.” This sequel to the previous song mentioned had the same kind of flow and subject matter, with even better production.

YEAT has released an iconic song which he has titled, “Get Busy.” The song contains a line where YEAT says, “This song was already turnt but here’s a bell” and a low-pitched bell “dong” is added in. Before its release, the sound started to trend when the user @kaballer72 posted a TikTok of him dancing to the song. The sound gained so much attention that Drake followed him on Instagram and repeated the iconic line on his own Instagram story.

In an Our Generation Music vlog of YEAT’s first-ever live performance, he announced he has a song with rapper Lil Yachty. He also mentioned he had the song with Lil Yachty in the previously mentioned interview, but the bubbling artist said he would perform the song live. I’m not sure if the song was performed based on the footage in the vlog, but there were songs that the crowd, and myself, did not seem to recognize.

On July 17, the user @oi30tna took to the Playboi Carti Reddit and shared an Instagram story by YEAT that asked fans if he should drop the song he has with underground legend UnoTheActivist. This would be a great collaboration considering the amount of traffic YEAT would gain from the featured artist’s name alone.

Will we receive both songs on the next project? Who knows. In the interview with Our Generation Music, YEAT said he’ll try his hardest to get the song on the project, but there’s no guarantee. As for the other song, there’s no new news on it, so there’s no sure answer.

YEAT’s next album will be titled “UP2ME,” which he announced on Twitter. He said it will be dropping “sooner than soon.” I recommend people to give it a listen and hop on the new wave of this underground artist.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

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