Delight Ministries, a brand new club at SRU, invites college women into a Christ-centered community that encourages vulnerability and transforms stories. Delight Ministries meets weekly to share stories of God at work, incorporate worship nights, and provides opportunities to serve God and create relationships with one another. Delight Ministries is brand new this semester and had their first meeting Aug. 24.

The president of Delight Ministries Trinity Romesberg spoke about their kickoff event Tues. night. 

“Kickoff was amazing, and I am so glad we were able to do this in a safe way with COVID-19 and still be able to have a big group of people,” said Romesberg.  

Delight Ministries is a community that provides a space on college campuses for women to grow their relationship with Christ and how He has been at work in their lives. The five core values of Delight Ministries include: invitational, vulnerable community, effective innovation, equipping and discipling, and spirit led. Delight chapters are located at colleges and universities all over the nation. 

The first club meeting was a success with 95 girls in attendance. The club discussed Delight Ministries as a whole and at SRU.  

Students gathered in Eisenberg 111 to discuss Delight Ministries and the club’s message. Morgan Miller

Romesberg shared her story on how Delight Ministries began at SRU.  

“My friend introduced me to this podcast, and it happened to be affiliated with Delight Ministries,” said Romesberg. “Because of that I was able to have a connection and from there I followed Delight Ministries on Instagram. The algorithm is really weird and I happened to come across their Instagram story which never ever did that.” 

Romesberg said she will never forget when she clicked on the Delight Ministries story which provided a link to fill out a form to start a Delight Ministry. She felt Delight Ministries could be something very powerful at SRU. From there she completed an interview with the Delight Ministries headquarters and then worked with the University to start a new club.  

“I am glad to see this huge group of girls established and I think that last night was a monumental night because it’s not just about what is happening right now on campus,” said Romesberg. “It’s about planting this seed that is going to continue on after we graduate.” 

Students who are interested in joining Delight Ministries at SRU can find more information through CORE or Instagram @delight_sru. Weekly meetings will be held every Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. in Eisenberg 111. 

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Morgan is an integrated marketing communication major. This is her second semester on The Rocket staff as assistant campus life editor. Previously, she was part of the Women’s Lacrosse team at SRU for two years and was an editor for her high school yearbook sophomore to senior year. After graduation, she hopes to work on a marketing team in the DMV area. Outside of The Rocket, Morgan is also on staff for the athletic communication department.


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