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Last Thursday, images of an interview in Rolling Stone and Atlanta, GA native, Playboi Carti surfaced on twitter. The artist’s cult-like fan base quickly clings on to anything or anyone that the artist associates himself with due to his cryptic way of speaking.

On twitter, the infamous Playboi Carti fan page, @29files, tweeted out the picture of what seems to be the cover of the magazine, and the respective page containing all of this valuable information.

In the print issue of the article, we can read “his current project is the deluxe version, due this spring, of his recent album Whole Lotta Red.”

As time went on, people started to notice that the interview had been out for a while. In an attempt to clear the air, twitter user @nathanouttahere replied, “rolling stone edited the interview for the paper copy look here.”

With fans’ speculation dying down a little, they can now expect the anticipated album sometime soon.

As many know, the initial reaction to the punk-rap/trap album was mostly negative. Shortly after its release, Playboi Carti went to his Instagram live to celebrate with his fans, but was sorely mistaken when he saw the amount of hate surrounding this album.

With the majority of people being against the album, the most obvious thing to do for the rapper would be to give the fans what they were originally expecting. Two days after the release, Playboi Carti took to his twitter and said that the deluxe version of the album was coming and asked his fans what they wanted from him. The reply list is very long and contains the names of many of his popular leaks.

In my personal opinion, if Playboi Carti wants to edge back as many people into his fanbase, he should do exactly what they ask. Most fans want the great leaked songs on the deluxe, as well as the features he sort of guaranteed on the original album.

The one thing that inspires me about Playboi Carti, is his lack of fear for doing whatever he wants. Fans beg, plead and complain to the rapper about returning to his old style of rapping, but he refuses to do so. He is making his art. His demeanor, a whole I-Don’t-Care attitude, says it all. At the end of the day, Playboi Carti will do what he wants, but if he wants to earn back all of his perturbed fans, his best course of action would be to do what they say.

What would you do in a situation like this?


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