Weekly Organization Highlight: Spanish Club


Spanish Club is Slippery Rock University’s Spanish language and culture organization. Even though it has been inactive for different stretches of time, Spanish Club is still prevalent on campus and in the community.  

Within Spanish Club, students are able to comfortably practice and learn Spanish in a stress-free environment. The club is tailored towards students who have an interest in the Spanish language and wish to further their Spanish speaking skills.  

The main goal of Spanish club is to provide a space for students to practice Spanish. We strive to create meaningful opportunities to those who seek to study Spanish and are interested in the language,” said Logan McIntyre, Spanish Club president. “We try to keep it interesting and get people involved,” said McIntyre. 

In the past, Spanish Club offered students opportunities to attend many different events to help further their learning of the Spanish language. Most of these events involved speaking Spanish with other students in Spanish Club and in other Spanish Clubs from neighboring colleges. Additionally, Spanish Club would host cooking nights, which were professor taught classes where professors would demonstrate how to cook native dishes of their countries. Spanish Club also takes part in different fundraisers to promote money and supplies for those in need. 

Due to the pandemic, Spanish Club has hosted all their events and meetings virtually. For example, every month, members of Spanish Club meet online to have discussions and conversations entirely in Spanish. This helps to keep the members connected, all while enhancing their Spanish speaking skills. 

Furthermore, Spanish Club always try to adapt to what members want. The Club adapts to the feedback of members, and is always open to new ideas and events. Anyone who is interested in Spanish Club can attend one of their meetings or can check out Spanish Club’s upcoming E-Board elections. 

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