The remainder of events for Black History Month 2021. Source: Office of Inclusive Excellence Twitter (@sruoie)

February is Black History Month, and many organizations are working together to put on a selection of events. Keisha Booker, assistant director of multicultural development at the Office of Inclusive Excellence, is in charge of making sure there are educational events happening this month.

Going into week three of Black History Month, students can check out the Office of Inclusive Excellence’s Twitter (@sruoie) for a list of the events for the remainder of the month.

Booker works to get a different selection of events together, often having people of different ages and different backgrounds speaking at these events to get diverse conversation started.

When it comes to selecting events, she has a clear mindset: “I really try to use this time as much as possible to honor the past, as well as project positivity to the future,” Booker said. “It’s important for students of color to see representation, and Black History Month is one of the better examples of showing positive representation of people of color.”

Black History Month is important for educating African American students and other racial groups present at SRU on important moments and figures in Black history, and for African American students to be represented.

The Office of Inclusive Excellence is promoting events for Black History Month on both their Instagram and Twitter. If students have any questions, they can email the office directly at


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