Rock alumni speaks about preparing for graduate school


Cam Cavaliere, a 2020 English writing alumni from Slippery Rock University, participated in a “Alumni Speaks” event on Feb. 10. She gave advice on transitioning from an undergraduate student to a graduate student, the challenges of navigating grad school and everything that comes with it.

The presentation was recorded by the English Department for more students to hear what she had to say. The live audience was small, but many students had expressed interest that were unable to attend.

Being an undergrad student has it’s challenges and deciding what route to take with that degree presents a whole new challenge. Cavaliere discussed her personal struggle with her journey through navigating grad school.

Currently attending Auburn University in Alabama, the process of finding a graduate program was lengthy and not easy. Many students may wonder why grad school? Cavaliere gave her top four reasons: higher pay, finding work in research or academia, exploring your options and continuing your educational journey.

“A lot of people say if you don’t know what to do, don’t go to graduate school,” Cavaliere said. “I don’t necessarily believe that’s true.”

Cavaliere follows up this advice by saying, “It can be really rough at times. So, if you don’t think you want to keep grinding and keep reading, maybe it isn’t your best option.”

As a previous graduate from SRU, Cavaliere wants current students to know that students have resources right in their major’s department. Reaching out for advice to your professors is one of the first steps. The next step is being early on applications, letters of recommendations and other documents that go along with applying for grad school.

Cavaliere was very open about the ups and downs of being a current grad student, and the process of it all. Students who may want to watch her talk can reach out to the English Department.

“Alumni Speaks” events hold value for current undergraduate students. Keep your eyes out for more of these events in the future, they may be beneficial to your next steps!


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