Rock Around The Rock: Holidays

Published by , Date: December 6, 2019

The holiday season is one that is full of joy and cheer. What better way to resonate with these festive feelings than through music? The holidays can be stressful as traveling and shopping overcome our schedules, but it is always important to stop and listen to the music.

As you drive, fly or round the bend to visit home, one song that can be heard is as comforting and familiar as your own front door. “Sleigh Ride” describes the feelings and atmosphere surrounding us during these times. With an upbeat rhythm and glittering instrumentation, this song is bound to accompany your travels. These things come as easily as the snow does on a perfect winter day, and as peacefully as snow falling to the ground. This song is sure to “sleigh” your travels, lengthy or brief, as it blares through the speakers.

As you bake cookies with your family, decorate the house with bright lights and colors or work during the holidays, it is important to keep a positive attitude. With a song like “Jingle Bell Rock,” it is easy to find yourself tapping your foot or humming along as you partake in your holiday excursions. Try not to resist the urge to dance and let the beat take over as the bright sounds supplement your traditions. As you embark on new or returning holiday activities, remember to “mix and mingle” the old and the new to create something great.

Reflecting on the good times that have come as the holidays near their temporary end and the time spent with family, friends and loved ones is drawing to a close enhances the season. This reflection can be done to soundtrack of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” The grand melody and pronounced joy that flows throughout the tune allow for the thoughts and memories of this season as well as seasons passed to return to mind and live for a while longer.

No matter the traditions or holidays or people these are spent with, the holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect upon the passing year as another one fills its shoes. Allow yourself to recognize the joyful, the happy and the merry memories and to welcome new ones in the new year as it approaches, using music as an aid. Happy Holidays!


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