Letters From Lambda: Preparing for finals


With finals quickly approaching, it is easy to find yourself falling behind and becoming overwhelmed. Whether this is your freshman year, senior year or in between, Lambda has some great tips for you that will keep you organized and stress free during this frantic time.

First, look ahead in all your syllabi and find out when your scheduled final times are or when your final projects are due. Afterward, fill out a planner or calendar to block out specific time slots, allotting adequate time for studying and working on final projects. Complete any minor assignments before they are due and you will have more time for studying and major assignments. Time-blocking your days has been proven to increase the productivity in college students.

Second, when studying for your exams, color coordinate your flash cards or handwritten/typed notes. This will allow for you to know which are designated to the specific class for which you are studying. If using flash cards to study, try adding visuals to your cards. The use of visuals allows you to easily recall the information studied.

While studying or working on your projects, listen to Lo-Fi music or white noise. It has been scientifically proven that listening to Lo-Fi music helps your brain focus while completing activities. Listening to white noise has been proven to help with memory retention.

Last, keep the space around you cleaned and organized. Whether at school or at home, having a clean workspace is beneficial to your productivity. If the space around you is cluttered, you will not want to study for finals or work on final projects.

To properly prepare for studying, begin cleaning and completing small errands in the weeks prior to finals. This will make it easier on you, so you do not have to worry about completing these minor things while you are trying to prepare for finals. Accomplishing smaller tasks can instill a sense of productivity and motivate you to continue working.

Although these were just a handful of tips you can use, there are various others that may help you. Hopefully these tips have helped you prepare for a non-stressful finals week and we wish you all the best!


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