Dave Coulier brings laughter to SRU in stand-up performance

Published by , Author: Hope Hoehler - Assistant Campus Life Editor, Date: February 18, 2019
Dave Coulier interacted with the crowd during his stand-up performance Friday night. Coulier can be seen reprising his role as Joey Gladstone in Fuller House on Netflix.

Slippery Rock students and community members joined in laughter in the Smith Student Center Ballroom Friday evening during Dave Coulier’s stand-up performance, courtesy of the University Program Board (UPB).  

Coulier, better known as Joey Gladstone on Full House and Fuller House, happily strode on stage waving to the crowd along the way. Coulier arrived with a water bottle, harmonica and notes in hand to huge applause from the excited crowd. 

“I’m not John Stamos, so reel it in,” Coulier began.

Full House first started in 1987 and ran for a total of 192 episodes, syndicated in over 100 countries. Coulier’s acting career did not stop after the ending of Full House, however, as he reprises his role as Joey on Fuller House which has just been picked up for its fifth season on Netflix.  

“It’s wonderful to be back with the TV family,” Coulier said. “The girls all look beautiful, and so does John Stamos.” 

Coulier mentioned that a common question he gets from people is if he gets paid for every time an episode of Full House or Fuller House is shown on television. The short answer to that is: yes. Coulier joked about the money saying that if he wanted, he could buy a new long-sleeve shirt every day.  

To get the crowd ready for his set, Coulier said that the audible cue for when a joke is finished would be a tuba because he doesn’t write strong endings to his jokes. The sets ranged from sports bits to airplane bits that included an impersonation of SpongeBob and Patrick in the cockpit. Although it would not be Dave Coulier if he did not say Joey’s catchphrase “Cut. It. Out.” at least once. Coulier did not disappoint and performed an entire bit around the catchphrase much to the enjoyment of the crowd.  

A few of the sets that Coulier performed were centered around golf and the fact that he attended a Catholic school and an all-boys high school throughout his life.  

“Wouldn’t it be great if golf is full contact?” Coulier began. “If a guy stares at his shot for too long, you get to deck him.” 

“It’s tough at prom [at an all-boys school],” Coulier mentioned to a laughing crowd. “Do you ask Mike or Jim? And who shaves their legs?” 

Throughout the night, Coulier performed set after set, some of them including his son who is a captain for SkyWest Airlines. Coulier said that his son flies all over the world, so he only gets to see him every couple months and when he does, he bonds by attempting to play video games with him. 

Coulier said that when he plays split-screen with his son, his guy is standing in the corner running face first into a wall and blowing himself to smithereens. In other words, Coulier has no clue what the heck is going on.  

Finishing off the night, Coulier performed what he calls Harmonathoughts, which are jokes that don’t fit into the show, broken up by Coulier’s performance on his harmonica. Jokes from this set didn’t follow a theme but got loud laughs from the audience nonetheless.  

“You know you’re getting older when your bra size is a 36 long,” Coulier laughed. “My grandma wrote that.”  

With a name as unique as Slippery Rock, Coulier couldn’t help but crack at least one joke about it.  

“How do your parents react when you say you want to go to Slippery Rock?” Coulier asked. “[Do they say] I love slippery and I love rocks, let’s do it?”  

As the night drew to a close, Coulier thanked the crowd with kind words of love and wished everyone in attendance a goodnight.  

Coulier has been acting and doing stand-up for 40 years and says he is still having a blast. 

“I’m getting paid for professional immaturity,” Coulier said with a big smile. “I love my job. You guys are amazing.” 

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