Love Has Many Beats

Published by , Author: Mallory Angelucci - Senior Rocket Contributor, Date: February 7, 2019

Another Valentine’s Day means another day to wake up, eat heart-shaped pancakes, listen to romantic playlists, and wear red and pink out to dinner with your significant other as they proclaim their love to you.

No? You’ll be alone? There’s a song for that, too! Spending Valentine’s day with yourself or friends is just another way to give yourself some extra love.

“7 Rings” by Ariana Grande preaches the benefits of self-love, independence and indulgence. Though we can’t all be rich and splurge this often, showing yourself some love by treating yourself is definitely worth a few bucks every now and then.

“Fire n Gold” by Bea Miller soars through the heart high and mighty, telling of inner confidence that’s “sometimes hard to realize.” Going with this feeling will result in better ones that will follow you out of Valentine’s Day if you let them.

“Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus is a song to lift you up if you feel like mourning lost love or loneliness. If the “broken record” Miley sings of spins around and around the way she says it does, let’s just hope a good song is playing!

If you do happen to celebrate the holiday with someone special, music is far from lacking in songs to help you feel the love. A song like “Pretty Paper” by The Lumineers encourages us to slow down in the midst of a busy time full of rushed greetings and hurried words and notice the things that we love with its soft sounds and slow beat.

The 88’s “All ‘Cause of You” brings the heartbeat back up, reminding us of the feelings that are felt at the beginning of something new with someone new.

“There You Are” by ZAYN, former One Direction member, brings grateful thoughts to mind as you recall the memories shared with your significant other, good and bad and never ugly. Understanding all of the ways you have loved someone is a great way to strengthen that feeling. Sharing this candy and rose-filled day with someone is best set to background music in case things get quiet.

The way the day is spent is what makes the day special, and music is a great way to ensure that special feeling. With or without someone at your side, love is love and it can be found everywhere if you look the right way.


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