CDR: Falling for Fall Styles

Published by , Author: Hope Hoehler - Assistant Campus Life Editor , Date: September 11, 2018

The summer weather is starting to fade, and a crisp fall breeze begins to sweep through campus, which means it’s time for fall styles. The sweaters, flannels, cozy long-sleeves, and boots are calling our name, but transitioning from the humid summer weather to a brisk fall can sometimes be a struggle. Since most people aren’t all fashion gurus, I’m here to give you simple tricks and the hottest trends.  

With how cold the wind can get on campus, layering is a great trend to consider. Layering can be anything from a flannel over a t-shirt to a vest over a long-sleeve or a light sweatshirt. The great thing about layering is that you can always take off something off depending on the change in temperature. When thinking about layering, remember that you are never set to one outfit; mix and match fall colors such as deep reds, oranges, purples, and dark blues with neutral colors such as black, white, and gray.  

Plaid is coming back and that means it’s time to bring the flannel shirts out of the closet. Flannel is perfect for fall weather because the material is light and cozy but doesn’t suffocate you while you’re walking around campus. One of the best things about flannel is that it’s a great trend for both girls and guys! Ladies can pair their flannel shirt with a pair of leggings or jeans, while guys can pair their flannel with a pair of jeans or khakis. The flannel trend is perfect for anyone because there are so many possibilities to mix and match your style. 

Walking around campus, you’re going to want some comfortable, yet warm shoes. Boots are always a great idea. Neutral color boots, such as brown and black can be paired great with boot socks for ladies. Combat boots and knee-high boots are great shoewear for the fall. For the guys, Timberlands are a great option. The neutral beige color goes well with any pants and pairs with any style shirt as well.  

One last thing you can do to complete your outfit is to accessorize. Scarves are great for those frigid days and pair great with almost any outfit. Neutral color scarves are perfect on basically any color. You can play around with scarf styles as well. Don’t be afraid to spice up your style with an infinity scarf or blanket scarf. If there are days when you don’t feel like doing your hair, then a hat is going to be a lifesaver. You can walk around campus looking stylish in your ballcap or beanie and nobody will know your hair is a mess.


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