CDR: Celebrate Your Diploma in Style

Published by , Author: Rachel Spence - Rocket Contributor, Date: May 3, 2018

Congratulations, you did it! Graduation is finally here and marks an exciting time of your life that you won’t forget. Graduating is a relief in some ways but also kind of scary, so it’s important to be prepared for the big day. Graduation is the last major event of your college career, so step out in style. It marks the end of something old and the beginning of something new. Feeling your best during this time will make commencement much more memorable. You want to leave a good last impression on your professors and peers who you might not see again. You may or may not be worried about what’s going to be under your gown but for pictures you’ll want an outfit that compliments your well-deserved diploma. In preparation for the big day, I have picked out some go-to outfits to make you feel confident and ready.

It’s time to dress to impress. Pick something that shows you are now a respected college graduate. After all the hard work you’ve put into the last 4-5 years, the walk across the stage is your runway and time to shine. Getting to my first tip, what shoes you wear is crucial. You don’t want to pull a Lizzie McGuire and trip in front of everyone. This is not the time to wear a new pair of shoes because you’ll be walking a lot. Stick with something that’s comfortable but cute because your shoes are the only part of your outfit that will be seen until the commencement ceremony is over. Girls, wear fancier sandals, flat or heeled. Try to keep the heel under 3 inches though so you’ll be able to walk the distance of the stage without stumbling. Guys, wear a nice pair of dress shoes and make sure that your pants come the whole way down to your ankles.

Next, it’s time to plan what you’re going to wear beneath your gown. It’s most likely going to be hot, so stick with something sophisticated and sleek. Prepare for your every move to be documented. Gown or no gown pictures are going to be taken. These pictures are going to be framed and posted on every social media platform so it’s important to wear something you’re comfortable in. Stand out, in a fiery, statement-color like red. It goes great with the black gown and you’ll appear confident among the sea of whites and pastels. Feminine frills are girly and extremely in right now. A ruffled mini dress is classic and will look great in graduation photos. Summery florals are perfect for warm weather celebrations. With a black gown, I’d normally say steer clear of a black dress but blending it with a colorful floral design looks effortlessly chic. The classic white dress, will never go out of style. The black gown with white underneath makes the perfect combo. White is symbolic, and is used for many different occasions. It’s also easy to style so you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget, wearing a dress isn’t required and a jumpsuit or dress pants would look equally stylish.

For the guys, pick a dress shirt that’s airy so you won’t sweat to death. A white shirt and colorful tie will make you look sharp and put together. It’s not necessary to wear a tie but make sure you wear a dress shirt and dress pants. You don’t want to look mediocre next to all the fancy ladies.

My last piece of advice: wear your tassel to the right, accept your diploma in your left hand and shake with your right hand.


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