College Dress Relief presents: Transition Trends for Spring

Published by , Author: Rachel Spence - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 19, 2018

Days are getting longer and temperatures are getting higher (well not really), which means a new season for fashion. The calendar says its spring but unfortunately the weather hasn’t got the memo. Our favorite stores and pictures on Instagram are enticing us to want to dress in all things spring and move past, fashion hibernation. With it being 80 one day and 30 the next, how are we supposed to get out of the winter clothing rut? Now is the time to think back to the article I wrote, February: the month of fashion, because it’s time to put what we learned into action. Whether you know it or not, spring fashion week sets the tone for what you’ll be wearing for the next year. Let’s get ahead and jump on the trend train, because it’s time for some Spring-Summer ’18 wardrobe plotting. Since most people don’t live and breathe the runway, I’m here to let you know the hottest trends.

The awkward temperatures between winter and spring can be a struggle, especially when trying to dress appropriately. Is it cold, is it hot? With spring taking its sweet time to warm up, it can be difficult to fill that fashion gap. There is no chicer way to face April showers than with the fantastic, plastic trend. From jackets to bags, the plastic trend isn’t as bad as it sounds. There is a way to pull it off without looking like you’ve been shopping in a recycling bin. For college students, it boasts a few advantages such as plastic is cheap and durable, which translates into affordable pieces that will outlast any conditions. It also cleans very easily and is lightweight making it perfect for warmer weather.

During this transitional time, we want to dress for the upcoming season but with pieces that are wearable for the temperatures. Stay in the spring spirit by changing your color palette. Pastels, are going to be seen everywhere this SS18, especially in a monochromatic way. Add some lavender, light yellow, or baby blue to your wardrobe and you’ll surely be feeling those spring vibes.

Play with patterns; Polka dots, the classic 90s check, florals and fruit prints (pineapples, cherries and lemons) are an instant wardrobe joy. Patterns are fun and can really flatter anyone by controlling the flow of the eye. They were so popular during spring fashion week, no prediction is needed; everyone will soon be wearing them.

With it still being chilly out, cargo pants are the perfect transition piece. It’s a trend made for spring, before it’s too hot in the summer but too light to wear in winter. The khaki or green style pant goes perfect with a more fitted top and can be dressed up or down as seen on basically every top model out there.

The last thing you can do to create an unforgettable spring outfit, but still stay warm, is to accessorize. Your entire ensemble can be transformed from winter to spring with these simple accessories. Baker boy hats are back and perfect for rainy spring days. No one will know your hair is a mess and you’ll look undoubtedly stylish. Second is the belt bags or fanny packs. What’s better than a hands-free bag that is connected to you? You’ll never misplace anything again. Third, go out and get yourself a pair of matrix sunglasses. These retro sunglasses are unexpectedly cool and can make any outfit hotter. Last, bring the beach to you with a straw bag that you can carry around all SS18.


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