Urban Gaming Club begins preparation for Humans vs Zombies

Published by , Author: Kathryn Kinder - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 17, 2018

On Thursday, April 12 and Friday, April 13 at 8 p.m. in ATS, the Urban Gaming Club met to discuss their upcoming event: Humans vs. Zombies. Humans vs. Zombies is the club’s most popular game and is a unique variation of the classic game of tag.

“One person starts as a Zombie and must tag players to turn them into teammates,” said president of Urban Gaming Club Matthew Conner. He went on to explain the rest of the rules of the game.

“Humans have Nerf blasters and other equipment to defend themselves with,” he said. “The uniqueness of Humans vs Zombies is that, for the duration of the game, if you are outside and on campus, you are in play.”

Vice President Alliana Moore said that, in order for the humans to win, they would need to win three of the five total rounds.

“The Zombies have only one goal: BRAINS!” Moore said. “This game is also cool because it features ‘day play,’ meaning you can get tagged at almost anytime, including the day.”

Urban Gaming Club is a club on campus that enjoys playing outside games. They try to have at least one game of HVZ each semester. Depending on the weather, they try to play more outside games such as kickball or hide and seek. Both Conner and Moore love being a part of the club and the executive board.

“Being the president is difficult at times; our club struggles to be noticed on campus and some even have a negative view of us due to previous members. I very much enjoy being a part of that as well as designing games that will be fun for members,” Conner said.

“I am very proud to be Vice President. I was asked by a friend to run, and I enjoy every minute of it. I get to moderate the games as a part of my position,” Moore said.

Conner had this final thing to say.

“The Urban Gaming Club is meant to be fun and give students a chance to enjoy themselves. College can be stressful and I believe it is important to enjoy yourself and we do our best to make that possible.”


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