Communication department holds town hall meeting during week-long department celebration

Published by , Author: Kathryn Kinder - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 12, 2018

On Friday, April 6, Lambda Pi Eta held a “town hall” meeting in the ATS auditorium. Lambda Pi Eta is the Communication Honorary and consists of mainly Communication majors. This town hall meeting was for students in the Communication department to come together and voice their opinions on courses, curriculum and other things happening in the department.

At the meeting, members of the Lambda Executive Board out slips of paper to everyone had them all write out comments, complaints or compliments for the department. The President of Lambda, Deana Callipare, told everyone that all of their comments and things discussed would be in a student assessment to the professors.

There were rules of confidentiality expressed to the group. Students could give their opinions and such, but they were not allowed to bash any professors in any way, shape or form.

Students started out by expressing all the good things or things they enjoyed about the communications department. Many stated that they liked the variety of people in the program and how they liked having different types of programs (like the Rocket, WRSU-TV and WRSU FM). Students also expressed how unique the department is, what with their student labs that each have Adobe, and the different opportunities they can receive, such as going to conferences and talking to alumni.

There was some a common theme of wanting more amongst the students with the program however. They felt that there should be more classes and there should not be a rotation (every fall or every spring) for classes that are required. The students also felt that there should be more interactions with all of their organizations.

This was the final of four events during this year’s return to Communications Week.

Taylor Carson, a member of the Lambda Executive Board, and Callipare both said that this week was important to have for the Communications department and students.

“In recent years this week has fallen into obscurity. After talking with the president and vice president of Lambda, we wanted to bring the event back,” Carson said.

“Comm. week is about celebrating students’ successes and building relationships between students and professors,” Callipare said.

Every department deserves a week to celebrate their successes and the Communication department looks forward to celebrating again every year.


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