SGA presidential candidate wins rap battle with her “sick beats”

Published by , Author: Megan Bush - Campus Life Editor, Date: April 4, 2018

In a heated rap battle hosted by SRU’s campus radio station WSRU fm, SGA Vice President of Outreach Dallas Kline presented her “sick beats” and rhyming skills, winning the contest and a $15 Domino’s gift card.

WSRU fm’s ‘Drop the Mic: SRU Style’ took place Tuesday afternoon in the Smith Student Center (SSC) lobby right outside Starbucks. The event was attended and viewed by students and faculty spread out all over the first and second floors of the SSC, including up and down the main stairwell and lining the balcony. 

As emcee for the event, Chandler Sendek brought out the contestants from the second floor of the SSC; each contestant raced down the stairs, receiving high fives and cheers from the audience.  

Oscar Matous came first, descending the stairs like a boxer getting pumped for his debut match. Dallas Kline followed, rocking a bandana and a prepared and composed attitude. Third down the staircase was Dr. David Wilmes, meaning business and evoking rapper Eminem in his dark hoodie. Rounding out the lineup was the Suite’s Lauren Moran in shades, ready to take down her opponents. Juniors Matous and Kline battled each other in the first round.

“You say you’re running for President? Well, girl, I would be hesitant,” Matous rhymed.

Kline stole the show with her freestyle lines referencing popular Twitter memes and the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.

“He’s the Chum Bucket, I’m the Krusty Krab,” Kline rapped. “Jersey Shore is back, y’all better call a cab.”

JamRock performed after Kline was declared the winner of the first round. Round two was dedicated to Wilmes and Moran, who performed to old-school-style beats. Wilmes blew the crowd away with wordplay when he praised his own skills.

“I’m good at everything I do; I can sing, I can dance, I can rap, I can screw… in a lightbulb if you need that done. Are you still doubting that I’m number one?” Wilmes rhymed.

Moran fired back, taking shots at Wilmes’ Twitter account.

“Dr. Wilmes says I’m bad, you probably right,” Moran rapped. “At least I don’t need to be on Twitter to be in the spotlight.”

When she finished her verse, students in the crowd shot confetti cannons, showering the lobby with confetti. Moran walked away with the win for the second round, and JamRock punctuated it with another performance.

For the third and final round, Moran and Kline were up against each other on stage, battling for the glory. Moran gave a disclaimer before her final verse, stating that she wasn’t expecting to win and that she borrowed Wilmes’ words for this round.

“You got something to say, make it good, make it fast,” Moran rapped. “The beat’s running out and you gotta make it last.”

Kline retaliated, reminding the crowd of her presidential campaign and poking fun at the age gap separating herself and Moran.

“About my opponent, I’m not sold,” Kline rhymed. “You can’t do hip hop when you’re that old.”

Before the Drop the Mic winner was declared, the winner of the concert ticket giveaway was announced.  Thanks to WSRU fm’s general manager Ian Ponitz and his position at Stage AE, the radio station was able to hold a social media campaign to give away two tickets to the Portugal. The Man concert taking place at the end of May in Pittsburgh. Interested students were able to tweet @wsrufm using the hashtag #wsrufmgiveaway and picking a winner of the battle.  

Sophomore Chadwick Burdick won the tickets with his tweet betting on Kline as the winner, and as emcee Chandler Sendek would soon reveal, Burdick bet well.

“I feel amazing, I’m going to Disney World,” Kline said after her win. “I was practicing until, like, 3 a.m. last night.”

Moran said she felt good taking down Dr. Wilmes in the first round, especially because she was the underdog going into the event, and she achieved her goal of creating something fun and school-spirited without being too cheesy. Of Kline winning that final round, Moran said she was proud.

“I’m proud of her, she rocked it,” Moran praised. “She did fantastic.”

Drop the Mic: SRU Style isn’t WSRU fm’s last event of the semester; during the first week of May, they will be hosting their third annual Jesse Muto Memorial Car Smash.  Students can keep up with the radio station by following them on Twitter @wsrufm and on their CORE Portal.


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