CDR: Around the world with SRU

Published by , Author: Rachel Spence, Date: March 8, 2018

Global fashion, emerges from years of culture and familiarity. Fashion is not concrete and shifts overtime, with some cultures breaking down their societies barriers to demonstrate this new era of self-expression. The large media movement has given the world access to cross borders, and discover new trends and create their own. With many Slippery Rock students having gone overseas for spring break, I will be exploring trends seen in Scandinavia, with its minimalist and always appropriate style, Italy, which holds its place as the world’s third-largest fashion hub and Greece, full of diverse and easy-going people who dress accordingly.

Heather Noble, a junior public relations major, got the opportunity to visit Stockholm Sweden and Copenhagen Denmark over spring break. Heather mentioned that the fashion is very different from the US. With Scandinavia being a part of Northern Europe, they have mastered the art of dressing chic and cozy. Heather noted that the people of Scandi mostly stick to neutral colors, which reflects their minimalist but delicate style. Another fashion trend, seen on the streets of Stockholm and many Fashion Week runways this season is the fur coat. Throw on a fur coat with layers underneath and you have an effortless but rag trade look. Heather along with other Slippery Rock students got the chance to visit H&M headquarters, which is located in Sweden. She said, that there were H&M stores everywhere and they offered very different styles compared to US stores. A high street stalwart as some may call it, H&M reflects the Swedish identity and has created the ultimate shopping experience for people around the world.

Ashlynn Murphy, a sophomore hospitality major at Slippery Rock, went to Italy and described Italian fashion in one word, effortless. With all roads leading to Rome it’s not a surprise that Italian fashion is constantly moving forward. Italy is the home to Versace, Dolce & Gabana and Giorgio Armani some of the world’s highest fashion designers. This makes the country known for its creativity and its particularly important role to the world of fashion. Products are originally handcrafted, giving the rest of the world inspiration. The locals stick to simple pieces, preserving their precious heritage but with dazzling fabrics and accessories. Ashlynn noted that the everyday street style is nothing over the top, with no obnoxious designs or crazy patterns. Instead Ashlynn noted that the locals wear plain colors such as classic blacks, navy and camel. The simplicity of these neutral colors gives off that Italian aristocracy vibe, but in recent years has immersed itself into the middle classes. “The biggest thing I noticed compared to US fashion is that in Italy they don’t believe in wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts out in public like we do. They always look sleek and presentable no matter what the occasion is,” Ashlynn said.

Cami Fletcher, a sophomore biochemistry major, was able to escape the cold weather of Slippery Rock this year and experience the warm natural beauty of Greece. With its rich history and beautiful climate, it’s described as being its own world. Cami said, in Athens the locals wore a lot of cropped patterned pants and high platform sandals. Not usually known as a huge fashion hub, the Greeks pull a lot of their influence from ancient times. Bright colors and exquisite jewelry, these trends have made their mark on modern fashion. Casual, breezy clothing is particularly popular since it’s hot for most of the year. Imagine light cotton clothing, small handcrafted bags, natural fabrics, subtle colorful patterns, silky fabrics and you have Greek Fashion.


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