The Macoskey Center hosts a community cafe to hear new ideas

Published by , Author: Eric Davies - Digital Media Editor, Date: December 13, 2017

The Robert A. Macoskey Center brought community members together for snacks, coffee and a discussion about sustainability. The Macoskey Center located on Harmony road looks to serve not only the Slippery Rock University campus but the Slippery Rock community as a whole. To make sure that all voices were being heard, the Macosky Center staff invited community members to answer questions and give their thoughts. “It was a time for people to really share both stories from the past and the present and what they want to see in the future here”, says graduate assistant Sami Laurence. She goes on to say that students, alumni, faculty and staff were all in attendance. Shawn Davis, associate professor at Slippery Rock and program director at The Macoskey Center said “A lot of great conversations were had and we have a lot of brand new fresh ideas from a variety of people moving forward”.


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