College of Liberal Arts presents criminology showcase

Published by adviser, Author: Clark Cleis - Rocket Contributor, Date: September 9, 2017


On Wednesday, the criminology department held an exhibition collaborating art, criminology, and theatre at the Martha Gault Art Gallery in the Maltby Building, running from 5 to 7 p.m. The showcase consisted of charcoal sketchings, 3-D crime scenes and live crime performances.

The exhibition was co-collaborated by professors Heather Hertel, Rebecca Morrice, David R. Champion, Gordon Phetteplace and instructor for the art department and director of the Martha Gault Art Gallery, Theresa Antonellis.

Antonellis said Champion thought up the idea for this showcase as a way for all of the departments of the Liberal Arts College to showcase what their department was about in aa unique way.  After making this “generous and inclusive” suggestion, Antonellis said Hertel, of the art department, jumped on board, bringing Morrice and Phetteplace of the Theatre Department with her.

Champion said the idea began at a college meeting last year on how they manage their advisory board.

“Somehow, we got into a discussion of collaborative and hands-on learning,” Champion said.

He also mentioned that the crime lab space in Patterson Hall was used to set up different crime scene scenarios for the students to learn how to process scenes and conduct investigations. He then offered the use of the space to other departments in the Liberal Arts college, and the art and theatre departments were immediately interested, with Hertel really taking the lead on the project.

“Art is interpreted individually, but I think it strikes a balance between the subjective/emotive art and some educational aspects of criminal investigations,” Champion said of the exhibition and what it is meant to portray.

Champion described the showcase as a blend of theatrical performances from student actors demonstrating principles of interrogations, large scale depictions of scenes as interpreted by the drawing students, a poster of student investigative reports and photos and stagecraft displays of crime scenes set up by theatre students and faculty.

Quite a few students and faculty members were in attendance at the exhibition on Wednesday evening; Dean of Liberal Arts Dan Bauer was among those in attendance. Bauer, as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, felt it necessary for him to be in attendance for multiple reasons.

“I feel it necessary for a good dean to be present at events such as this,” Bauer said. “Art is about all of us, and we must always be curious.”

He welcomes more students to visit events such as these because, to truly learn, we must “step away from security” and that events like this are quite unique in the way that they’re “all in one” events: where multiple departments come together to showcase their art and educational value.

This showcase is ongoing until Sept. 22 and students as well as faculty members are all encouraged to attend.


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