UPB welcomes back SRU students

Published by , Author: Oscar Matous - Rocket Contributor, Date: August 31, 2017

The Slippery Rock University Program Board (UPB) hosted their annual “Welcome Back” event as part of the Week of Welcome (WOW) on Tuesday afternoon outside of the Smith Student Center.

Director of University Events for UPB, Celine Halt, said that UPB had been planning the event since last May. At that time, decisions were made about where at on campus they wanted to host the event and what day it was going to be on, Halt explained. She also said that they began to think about what kind of vendors and “novelties” that UPB wanted to bring to campus for the event.

“Around June and July is when we actually made the phone calls and planned out our budget, and then, finally, today we brought it all to campus,” Halt said.

Mallory Milberger, president of UPB in its entirety, praised the efforts and leadership of Halt, who, Milberger said, was in charge of this event.

“I began to work with Celine to sort of get an idea for the event,” Milberger said. “I helped guide her along the way but she was very well prepared for putting on this event.”

Among the various activities that were made available to the students were caricature drawings, an airbrush t-shirt booth, a roller skating rink, a make-your-own bamboo plant booth, and a Rita’s Italian ice stand.

Junior Justin Hiler stressed the importance of having an event like this because it helps bring together the campus early on in the semester.

“This event is great because not only does it bring the students together, but it helps get the freshmen out to meet new people and to see what this campus is all about.”

Sophomore Brooke Bossong said that one of the highlights of the event for her was being able to make her own bamboo plant. She went on to explain that the afternoon was a great experience because it allowed her to get away from academics for an hour and to just have fun.

“Having an event like this is very crucial at the beginning of the year,” Bossong said. “It allows students to hangout with their friends and to enjoy a very beautiful Slippery Rock day.”

Milberger said that one of the big reasons UPB puts on this event year after year is because it helps the students make memories.

“Going to these types of events and being able to come away with an airbrushed t-shirt or a caricature are the memories people will have forever,” Milberger said.

Halt said that she encourages students to get involved with what UPB is doing this year. The focus for this year is not just on concerts and events but on professionalism, teamwork, and other tools to help students not just in college but also in the real world, she said.

“The student body can expect ‘big’ things from UPB this year,” Milberger said.

“We have a pretty strong e-board this year,” she said. “I can only imagine what we are going to do next.”


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