The RoastMaster General rips into SRU students

Published by adviser, Author: Nina Bracci - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: December 7, 2016

The University Program Board (UPB) brought stand-up comedian Jeff Ross, also known as ‘The RoastMaster General,’ to Slippery Rock Tuesday in the Smith Student Center Ballroom to relieve stress from finals and have many students end the night laughing.

The show began with Ross’ opening act, Jordan Temple, a comedian from New York City who began by making jokes about rural Pennsylvania and Boozel Dining Hall. 

Temple called out people in the audience, said jokes about the criminal justice system and made references to the television series ‘Family Matters.’

After a request from Ross, Ian Banks, senior public relations major and Director of Concerts and Comedians for UPB, was then called to the stage where he said jokes about Instagram, animals and jail.

“It’s going to lift a little stress off the students because they say laughter is the best medicine,” senior public health major and President of UPB Brandon Quinn said.

Ross took the stage and performed stand-up comedy with jokes involving marriage, politics, dating websites and celebrities.

Sophomore integrated marketing and communications major and UPB committee member Tom Streit said he was very excited when he heard Jeff Ross was coming, because he knew he is popular on Comedy Central and knew that many students would come to see him.

To advertise for this event, UPB put posters in the student center and residence halls, posted his appearance on social media and had a s’mores session by roasting s’mores because Ross is The RoastMaster General, Quinn said.

Quinn said Ross did a preview video encouraging students to come to the show so he could roast them.

“I’m expecting for him to lift some students’ spirits and take some stress off finals,” Streit said.  “I think they will enjoy this different type of event that we usually don’t have.”

Ross took several digs at President-elect Donald Trump by saying the presidency has transitioned from “orange is the new black,” Ross said.

Ross joked about Trump and said he thinks personally thinks civilization had a great run, and now it’s time to try something new.

“We’ve never had someone whose comedy depends on insulting people, and there is going to be a lot of insults and a lot of vulgar comments made, but a lot of laughter,” Quinn said.

Ten students volunteered and were then called to the stage to get roasted.  Ross went down the line and asked them what their story was.  He roasted them on their clothing, body structure, features and personalities.

Freshman undecided major and volunteer at the show Jordyn Gorve said she did not know who Ross was, but everyone said he roasts people so she thought he would be funny to see.

“I’m blonde, so I figured he would call me an idiot and say all those stereotypical things, and that’s not what happened,” Gorve said.

Ross roasted Gorve for her outfit, her hair and what her possible reputation may be.

He continued the show by saying that the volunteers looked like a women’s softball team, roasting a student for his man bun and made fun of a quarterback for looking like a “typical jock,” Ross said.

The audience clapped several times during the performance and let out continuous laughs as the jokes continued.  Quinn said the goal was to give a nice break before finals week, and to take a little bit off of people’s minds for the time being.

“We hope that people take away some nice memories and a few good laughs with their friends and hopefully a good night sleep after it,” Quinn said.

Ross received a standing ovation at the show and took photos with fans who attended.


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