New club plans events and socialization for geeks

Published by adviser, Author: Nina Bracci - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: November 23, 2016

A new club on campus hopes to reach out to geeks and create events and hangouts for them to socialize with other members of the club and channel their inner nerds together.

Geek Club is a new club that was created in late October for geeks to have a place to come and socialize in an accepting atmosphere, said President of Geek Club and senior psychology major Victoria Tennent.

The group of people who helped her originally develop the club makes up the execute board as vice President, secretary, and so on, Tennent said.

Tennent said the club has get-togethers, movie nights and plays games such as trivia. They also have movie fights. They utilize ‘screen junkies,’ which is a YouTube channel and they adapted it to their club.

The supervisor for Geek Club is Professor Burger from the psychology department.

 “We were sitting in the library looking at the clubs list and there was nothing that we wanted to join, so we decided to make our own,” Tennent said.

Tennent said her and a group of friends first created the name, then found paperwork online and “went from there.”  They decided what they wanted to do with the club and took the next step.

The goal of Geek Club is to have people make friends and discuss topics that they enjoy, Tennent said.

In order to gather people to join the club, Tennent said the team will put up posters to advertise to students.  They also plan on reserving a table for people to come and see what their club is all about.

Tennent said the group has been planning several events that they would like to do in the upcoming semester.

“We want to do a run as heroes for heroes and run for wounded warriors,” Tennent said.  “Everyone dress up as superheroes and run for them.”

Tennent said the group is still very new and would love to expand their club and have more people become involved.  So far, the club has about 10 members and plans to continue growing.

“It’s for geeks to stop hiding in their rooms and come out and socialize,” Tennent said. 


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