Green and White Society holds phase two of recruitment in the quad

Published by adviser, Author: Nina Bracci - Asst. Campus Life Editor , Date: September 28, 2016

The Green and White Society held its recruitment event Tuesday in the quad during common hour in order for potential ambassadors to show how well they could interact with students on campus.

Josh Strom, senior exercise science major and the chair of recruitment for Green and White Society, explained that the event’s purpose was to have potential members who applied to become a part of the organization get involved and see how well they could react in a tradition event setting.

The members of Green and White Society are a group of ambassadors involved in school pride who work with special events, the performing arts and alumni.

This is an event where the organization attempts to get people around campus engaged.

“It’s not only for recruitment purposes but to get people involved on campus and get them to react in a positive way,” Strom said.

Junior integrated marketing and communications major and President of Green and White Society, Courtney McCalmont, explained that there is a three-step process to becoming an ambassador for the organization.

The first step is an application process where all interested students turn in a written form showing their interest.  Strom then holds the recruitment process where activities are planned and the potential members are tested to see how well they interact with the other members and people in general.

Strom chose games including kan jam, volleyball, spike ball, jenga, dart toss, and cornhole for this event because he said it seemed fun, inviting, and something nice to do on a beautiful day.

“I’d like to see more interaction with our students on campus and not just have them walk by which was the purpose of this recruitment event,” Strom said.

Strom said the new group pulled out people who were walking through the quad by themselves and encouraged them to play games with the existing ambassadors and themselves.

“I like that it’s very inclusive and brings different types of people together from the community for you to really get to know someone,” said sophomore undecided major and Green and White society ambassador, Riley Reffner.

The members who applied were tested to see how well they were able to get along with others and how they could pass on the Slippery Rock tradition of saying hello to students.

“I think that it is really important in Green and White society to be able to interact with people and get strangers off the sidewalk to come and play games,” McCalmont said.

The existing ambassadors of Green and White society helped to set stations up and put the event together.

“You try your hardest to be the best representative you can be by keeping the rock how we want it to be,” Reffner said.

During the third phase of recruitment, Strom will take the remaining applicants and eliminate people based on how well they cooperated with others during this event.

A separate interview is held where Strom and three others from the recruitment committee hold a one-on-one interview with the remaining people to further understand why they wanted to apply and become a member of the organization.

Reffner said that from being a part of Green and White Society, she feels that students can take away a sense of community and family-like spirit from the organization and this event.

“You can feel like you’re a part of something, like you are at home playing backyard games with your family, and you can find that here,” said Reffner.


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