Students meet the executive board of UPB

Published by adviser, Author: Nina Bracci - Asst. Campus Life Editor , Date: September 8, 2016

The University Program Board (UPB) held a ‘Meet the Executive Board’ event in the ballroom Wednesday night where they served pizza and welcomed all new students and returning members to join their club.

UPB is made up of five committees including the university events, speakers, concerts and comedians, media relations and community service committees.

Senior public health major and president of UPB, Brandon Quinn, said that he joined one committee which turned into two, then four, then all five.  He said he stayed with the club and enjoyed it, so eventually applied for an e-board position.

“I’ve enjoyed all the people I met, all the experiences I’ve encountered and I’ve enjoyed the opportunities I’ve been given because of UPB,” Quinn said.

Quinn explained that students do not get an experience like UPB in a classroom because it is hands-on, real world experiences that will help students for years and years to come.

After the club’s introduction, each committee leader explained what their group is involved in and showed videos on past events through UPB.

Senior public relations major and director of concerts and comedians, Ian Banks, said that he had no intention of joining UPB when he was a freshman until his roommate forced him to attend the first meeting.

Banks stated that he soon realized he truly enjoyed the club and that everyone was nice to him.

Banks has been a member for four years and is a returning committee leader.

“For our concerts, we put in long hours when we build the stage from the ground up and bring in every piece of the stage equipment and every piece of the lighting,” Banks said.

The concerts team works the shows and immediately after the show tears down the entire production in a matter of hours.

Banks said that he hopes to bring more comedians to campus this year because every show he’s ever seen has been personable and funny and he wants to give that to students again.

Students get to see names such as Kid Ink, Hunter Hayes, Fetty Wap and so many other different artists perform on campus, which Banks believes is a way for people to be with their friends and have fun.

Senior marketing major and director of community service, Samantha Anderson, stated that she has made a great amount of new friends since joining UPB.

“Being in your major, you’re surrounded by the same people and it’s just nice because all of the e-board is different, but we all have this common connection from what we do here,” Anderson said.

Anderson said that there are many opportunities presented by UPB because students are constantly networking and the possibilities are endless.

“It’s nice to make a difference, not only in community service, but being able to be a part of an organization that touches thousands of people’s lives,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s committee volunteers for events such as Color the Rock, the Great Race in Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock in Bloom, which plants flowers in the community and many more.

Unlike Anderson, junior public relations major and director of university events, Mallory Milberger, stated that she initially did not join UPB as a freshman because she was overwhelmed by the school work and other clubs she joined.

“I started dating Ryan Logue, who was the speaker’s committee leader, and I met a lot of his friends and a lot of people that were involved in UPB and I decided that I should join,” Milberger said.

Milberger said that she has also been changed by her role in UPB and the influential people she has met.

“You finally feel like you’re a part of something and you play a big part in that,” Milberger said.

Milberger’s events committee hosts events such as the UPB to PNC Pirate game trip, bringing students to Kalahari Water Park, visiting the Pittsburgh Zoo, creating haunted houses and the big homecoming event that is coming up soon.

Another new committee leader, junior marketing major, Ryan Ferguson, said that he knew he had to escape his comfort zone and meet new people on campus when he first came as a freshman.

“I worked the first concert, which was Kid Ink, and stopped in the middle of the show and realized I was a part of UPB which was an organization that could bring so many people to just enjoy themselves,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said he was aware after that show that he wanted to pursue UPB further which resulted in him joining more committees and eventually applying for the speaker’s committee leader position.

In the past, UPB has brought speakers such as Josh Radnor from the hit show, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s, and Marcus Luttrell.

“It’s these things that you’ll never forget,” Quinn said.

Another crucial part of the UPB team is the media relations committee, which takes photos and videos of all the events on campus and some of the ones off campus as well.

Digital media and production major and director of media relations committee, Michael DelloRusso, said that the club is in need of people who love taking photos, videos and editing.

“I would love to see what people have to offer,” DeloRusso said.

All committees in UPB work together during meetings and events and encourage students to join at least one committee because of the exciting new ideas that have been presented this year.

The team agreed that it is very important to get involved because they feel as though clubs create people skills after college while allowing students to meet great friends along the way.

“UPB in one word, to me, means family,” Banks said.


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