SRU traditions are promoted during Friday Frenzy

Published by , Author: Megan Bush - Campus Life Editor, Date: September 2, 2016

On Friday, September 2, students decked out in the traditional SRU green and white were rewarded with frozen treats during the Friday Frenzy.

Green and White Society ambassadors stood in the quad in front of the gazebo from 12 PM to 2 PM handing out free Popsicles to students following SRU’s timeless tradition of wearing green and white on Fridays.  On each of the Popsicles, the Vice President of Traditions and junior safety management major Justin Mostoller had written one of the four classic SRU traditions:  Green and White Fridays, the Alma Mater, Rub the Rock, and the ‘Hello!’ tradition.

Mostoller said the event was an absolute success, as the Green and White Society was able to give away every single Popsicle they had available.  

Senior safety management major and ambassador for the Green and White Society, Marissa Long agreed and said that although the Popsicles were initially meant as rewards for those already wearing green and white, they gave them to students not wearing the colors, as well.  Those who were not participating learned or were reminded of the tradition and Long said most students she spoke to planned on participating in the future.

“It gave us the opportunity to share with them the tradition and encourage them to wear their school colors on Fridays while also promoting the other traditions,” Long said.  

Freshman business major Bailey Wilson was one of the students to receive a popsicle because she was wearing green and white, as were freshman early childhood and special education major Natalie Geminetti and freshman safety management major David Deloia.  The three of them said that they learned about the Green and White Friday tradition from the kickoff pep rally last week.

“It’s a really good idea,” Wilson said of the Friday Frenzy event.  “These traditions bring the school and the students together.”

Mostoller said that this is only the beginning of things for the Green and White Society this semester; in a few weeks, the group is planning on hosting a tie-dye event on campus, as well as things like Backpacks to Briefcases.

Long also mentioned that the group is busy during Homecoming, and they do many events for and relating to SRU alumni.

“We put on shows throughout the semester,”  Long said.  “They’re usually put on for alumni, but students are always welcome.”

Aside from the work they do with alumni, the Green and White Society works toward keeping the four traditions alive and active.  They are constantly promoting and encouraging tradition, and therefore, bringing SRU students and faculty together.

“I definitely think Friday Frenzy will be happening again,” Mostoller said.


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