SRU AST sorority supports the fight against cystic fibrosis

Published by adviser, Author: Emma Pfeifer - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: March 31, 2016

Slippery Rock sorority members from Alpha Sigma Tau hosted their annual event Mr. AST in the Student Smith Center Ballroom on Wednesday night.

The event was held to support the fight against cystic fibrosis that one of their sorority members, Morgan Yoney was diagnosed with a few years ago.

Yoney received a double lung and liver transplant in January of 2010. After her transplant, she was able to live a normal life and decided to go to college.

Senior psychology and dance major Amber Simmons, roomed with Yoney freshman year and presented a slideshow talking about Morgan’s Army.

Yoney came to Slippery Rock and joined Alpha Sigma Tau her spring semester of her freshman year, Simmons said. Shortly after this, her body went into chronic rejection of her lungs, leaving her to need a double lung transplant. She left at the end of her spring semester.
Morgan is at UPMC Presbyterian awaiting the transplant while having several breathing treatments and different tests every day, Simmons said.

Leader of philanthropy for Alpha Sigma Tau and senior business management major Rachel Burns said the Mr. AST event started about three years ago and members are continuing to make it an annual event.

Seven male contestants from different fraternities participated in the event, being judged by seven different sorority representatives to potentially be crowned Mr. Alpha Sigma Tau.

The seven male participants included: Jonathan Simmons, Ira Ritter, Scott Boley, Pat Rooney, Terry Terry, Will Davis and Blake Sounders.

The event had four different categories and questions that the contestants were judged in.

In the first category, contestants wore whatever they wanted to. The majority of the guys came out on the stage, walked the runway, spun around and said hello to the crowd.

Once the participants were done showing themselves off, they answered the question, “Who is the most influential person in your life and why?”

Competitors’ answers ranged from their parents to grandparents and more.

Davis, from Kappa Sigma, said that his sister was the most influential person in his life because she is “killer at everything she does.”

The next category was the swimwear section and the guys were asked, “What is your ideal date?”

Ritter, from Alpha Phi Alpha, said his ideal date would be going to Sky Zone in Pittsburgh, having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory after and then ending the night by going to Mount Washington.

Another contestant, Boley, from Kappa Delta Ro, said that he would like to pick the girl up, take her to the city, go to a nice restaurant and enjoy the company the rest of the night.

After the guys showed off their swimwear, they competed in the third category, sportswear.

The guys came out in different sports attire and were asked, “What is your favorite thing about Alpha Sigma Tau?”

Rooney, from Theta Xi, said that the women of AST represent what a sisterhood is and they are all wonderful people.

Mr. Simmons said that the sisters of AST are “all strong, independent women that don’t need no man.”

The final category judged was the talent portion and the last question of the night was, “What makes you an ideal choice for being Mr. AST?”

Sounders, from Pike, read his own version of the lyrics from Justin Bieber’s song “One Less Lonely Girl.”

Rooney, from Theta Xi, juggling with one hand while answering the question. Rooney said that he was on the phone with his grandmother earlier and she said that he was a perfect candidate to be the next Mr. AST and to not let his grandma down.

After the contestants were done being judged and as the judges were adding the scores up, Ms. Simmons presented about Morgan’s Army.

Ms. Simmons informed the audience about Morgan’s condition and shared pictures of her. The sorority has raised around $7,600 and are looking to raise at least $2,300 more.

After Ms. Simmons was done presenting, members from the sorority announced Rooney as the winner of Mr. AST.

Each contestant received a bag for participating and the winner received a $25 Sheetz gift card and a paddle designed by the sorority.

All of the proceeds raised at the event are going towards the fundraising for Morgan’s Army.


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