‘Fuller House’ disconnects from the original hit sitcom

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Campus Life Editor, Date: March 30, 2016

“Fuller House,” the spin-off of the hit family sitcom, “Full House,” premiered on Netflix Friday, Feb. 26. The show was highly anticipated by “Full House” lovers and people who just wanted a new show to watch on the streaming service.
The show follows DJ Tanner-Fuller raising her three sons with the help of her little sister, Stephanie Tanner and  best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, after DJ’s husband died in a firefighting accident.

The original cast also makes cameos in the spin-off, including Steve, Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and their children, Nicky and Alex.

Being a “Full House” fan, it was so refreshing to see a spin-off of the sitcom. I was a little unsure about the show   at first, because let’s be real, nothing can beat “Full House.” While the spin-off still couldn’t compare to the original, I thought it was overall well done.

One thing that I really liked and appreciated about “Fuller House” is the fact that the creator of the spin-off, Jeff Franklin, incorporated those nostalgic moments that everyone loves from “Full House.” In the very first episode titled “Our Very First Show, Again,” the throwback sayings from “Full House” such as “have mercy,” “how rude” and “cut it out,” made an appearance. The final scene in the first episode showed a side-by-side of Danny, Uncle Jesse, Joey, DJ and Stephanie singing the Flintstones theme song to Michelle Tanner to put her to sleep in “Full House,” to the same scene with Danny, Uncle Jesse, Joey, DJ and Stephanie singing the same song to DJ’s infant, Tommy. I loved that the producers put these nostalgic moments from “Full House” in “Fuller House” because it made me feel like “Full House” will never be forgotten.

The acting, although it was very corny, was strangely funny as well. It’s evident that Candace Cameron-Bure (DJ), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) and Andrea Baker, (Kimmy) haven’t acted in a while. The same thing can be said for Bob Saget (Danny), Scott Weinger (Steve) and Dave Coulier (Joey). Instead of acting out their words and monologues, it sounded like all of them were reading their lines off of a teleprompter, which was distracting. Maybe the cast should’ve retaken some acting classes before the show aired on Netflix.

The child actors on the show, Elias Harger (Max Fuller), Michael Campion (Jackson Fuller) and Soni Nichole Bringas (Ramona Gibbler) weren’t really superb actors either, but one can’t really expect a lot out of child actors. Even though the child acting was corny as well, it was also really cute.

The only people who seemed to have an ounce of acting skills in them were John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) and Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky). Also the new cast members, John Brotherton (DJ’s new love interest Matt) and Juan Pablo Di Pace (Kimmy’s husband,Fernando) acted better than the original cast, which was disappointing to watch.

Another thing that I found disappointing while watching “Fuller House” is that it seemed like someone can watch this spin-off without watching “Full House.” Although it was a spin-off, the show in no way connected to “Full House.” If the show didn’t have the nostalgic moments, and if I never watched “Full House,” I wouldn’t even recognize the show as a spin-off. The original cast members, Danny, Joey, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse, should have been in more episodes to make this show more successful.

It was recently announced that “Fuller House” was renewed for another season. I just hope the next season does a better job at tying the show back to the original.


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