SRU teaches students how to “Dress for Success”

Published by adviser, Author: Emma Pfeifer - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: February 18, 2016

Rock PRoductions hosted their Dress for Success fashion show on Wednesday night in the Student Center Ballroom to help students prepare for their future careers with guest speakers, tips on fashion and a fashion show.

Guest speaker, Michele Czerwinski, director of marketing and business development of the Grove City Outlets, gave advice to the students on what to wear for their first interview, a day at the office, a casual Friday, travel wear, a workout at the corporate gym and a holiday party.

“The first impression is the biggest and most important moment in an interview,” Czerwinski said. “The moment someone meets you, they are already forming a subconscious opinion either unknowingly or knowingly.”

Eight students walked the runway, one at a time, to show what is proper attire to wear in the workplace.

The first outfit was for a first interview for a woman. The student was dressed in a tan skirt suit with a pastel pink shirt underneath with cream flats. Czerwinski recommended that for a first interview to wear a darker suit such as black or gray, but they were showing that outfit for a trendier look.

The second student was a male, also showing a first interview look. The male was dressed in a gray suit with a white undershirt and a dark tie. A nice fit is key and important for everyone, but especially males, Czerwinski said.

“Michele did a good job of pointing out that the way you stand out is not to be flashy in the way you dress, but rather to be conservative in most areas,” said John Rindy, director of career services.

A day in the office was presented by one female student for this section. This student wore a gray pantsuit with a trendy white and blue top with jewelry.

As you spend time in the office and see what other people are wearing, you can use your own discretion on what to wear that brings out your personality but is also appropriate, Czerwinski said.

Next was travel wear. A female student came out in a hot pink pantsuit with a black shirt and black flats. The suit was stretchy and comfortable for a plane ride but also brought out personality while being professional.

A casual day in the office was presented by both a male and a female. The male had on khakis with a blazer and a striped shirt with casual shoes. The female had on a trench coat with a black dress and black boot heels.

Working out in a corporate gym was brought out by a female student. She had on yoga pants with a long sleeve workout top.

“People remember what you wear,” Czerwinski said. “It is important to always appear professional in the workplace.”

The last setting presented was a holiday party outfit. A female student came out in a fitted black dress with black heels that appeared sexy but also appropriate.

Junior creative writing major Rachel Whittier said she really liked the fashion show, and that she’s never been to a fashion show before and it will definitely help in the future.

To conclude the event, raffle tickets were picked, giving away over $600 in gift cards to students who were at the event.



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