UPB brings Fetty Wap

Published by adviser, Author: Emily Brown - Multimedia Reporter, Date: February 17, 2016

UPB announced their spring concert artist, Fetty Wap, last Saturday during half-time at the SRU men’s basketball game.

Members of the organization revealed the artist by unraveling two big posters on the court, stating that this year’s concert will be Fetty Wap, along with opening act, Hardo, a rapper from the Pittsburgh area.

Many SRU students posted their excitement about UPB’s concert choice on social media. In under 12 hours, UPB’s tweet about the spring concert had over 50,000 Twitter impressions. According to UPB’s Director of Campus Events, Ian Banks, “Slippery Rock University Program Board” was trending in Pittsburgh.

Tickets for the show went on sale on Thursday, Feb. 18. Banks said he predicts the tickets will sell well.

“I believe the tickets will sell out in a week,” Banks said.

Tickets went on sale at 12:30 p.m., with a line forming started at 10 a.m. The line extended out to the stop sign near Patterson Hall and the Robert M. Smith Student Center by noon.

Sophomore art major, Julia Null, said she planned on buying her tickets on Thursday.

“I think it will be a great concert,” Null said. “A lot of people are excited to see him. Tickets will definitely sell.”

Junior forensic chemistry major, Kristen McLiverty said she’s excited that Wap is coming to SRU.

“Although I’m not huge into rap, you can guarantee I’m going,” McLiverty said. “He’s a great artist and it’s exciting to see how excited the whole school is to see him.”

Senior marketing major, Kate Campell said she is also excited to see Fetty Wap in concert. She said for the first time, she is actually thrilled about a UPB spring concert. She said she was surprised that UPB decided to bring Wap.

Although some students are excited to see Fetty Wap, some students feel differently about the spring concert choice.

Senior accounting major, Patrick Loedding said he doesn’t find himself wanting to attend this concert. He said he’s not a Fetty Wap fan personally, so he won’t be going.

“I would have rather seen someone else,” Loedding said.

Other students who aren’t fans of Fetty Wap, or rap music in general, said they are impressed that UPB decided to bring Fetty Wap this semester.

Senior digital media production major, Mathew Flannery said that he is surprised by UPB’s choice. He said he’s not  a big rap fan, but he will probably go to the concert.

“I’d say they (UPB) did something right with how many people are hyped up about it,” Flannery said.

Junior psychology major, Christy Paterni also thinks UPB is doing a good job with changing up the artists from the last semester even though she’s not a fan of Fetty Wap.

“I’m not going to go, but I like that he’s so different from last semester and it’s a nice mix of styles,” Paterni said.

Last semester, several students were upset that UPB decided to bring Hunter Hayes over Fetty Wap. Students rushed to Twitter to tweet their hopes of UPB bringing Wap instead of Hayes. Most students were surprised and excited that UPB is giving them what they want.

Banks said UPB members are as excited as students to see Fetty Wap. He said he feels this concert will be one of the best shows that UPB has put on for students.

“We gave the student body exactly what a majority of them told us they want,” Banks said. “The student reaction once we announced the artist was unlike any I’ve ever experienced here. It was truly a humbling moment.”

The concert will on Apr. 11 at the Aebersold Recreation Center. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m.


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