‘Logueberger’ voted as SRU’s cutest couple

Published by adviser, Author: Ryan Barlow - Sports Editor, Date: February 11, 2016

While taking a walk around Slippery Rock University’s campus, it is common to come across a wide-variety of romantic couples. They may be seen walking through the quad, sharing a booth in Boozel or perhaps sipping on giant venti-sized frappuccinos at Starbucks. Whether you love them or hate them, there is one couple on campus that you can’t help but stand up and cheer for, and people are calling them “Logueberger”.

Ryan Logue, senior secondary education-history major, and Mallory Milberger, sophomore communication-public relations major, met during the spring semester of 2015 as each student was cast in SRU’s Musical Theatre Society’s (MTS) Moulin Rouge Cabaret. Though initial interactions between the two were timid at first, they said, each warmed up to each other and the relationship began to blossom.

“We didn’t really talk that much in the beginning,” Logue said. “We’ve talked about it since then about how we both wanted to talk to each other but were too afraid to make the move.”

Milberger also added that the first interactions between the couple were just saying random “hello’s” as each other passed.

Finally, the sparks began to fly and Logue picked up the courage to ask Milberger out on their first date, which involved some Sheetz and the SRU theatre department’s production of “Gruesome Playground Injuries.” Although this sounds like a typical, college-style first date, Logue admits things didn’t exactly go as he had planned.

“Originally, we were going to get ice cream from Dairy Queen,” he said. “So of course I drove us all the way out there just to find out it that it was closed, which made things pretty awkward. But it turned out fine because we went to Sheetz instead.”

Logue, who was already an executive board member of Slippery Rock’s University Program Board, comes along with a substantial amount of friends who are involved in numerous organizations on campus. Milberger admitted that it was scary at first to break into the family-like atmosphere that surrounds Logue and his clique, but the group was very accepting and made the experience easy and effortless.

“At MTS, it was a common saying that Ryan has a ‘fan club,’ so that was pretty intimidating,” Milberger said. “But they were just so welcoming to me and I get along with them so well.”

Milberger also joked that at first, people referred to her as “Ryan Logue’s girlfriend”, but as she has become more involved at the university that persona has calmed down and people finally know that her name is Mallory.

The couple also likes to take advantage of attending on-campus events, which they consider an easy, fun and cheap date for any SRU couple. Some of the couple’s favorites include the planetarium show in Vincent and SRU theatre productions.

“There are a lot of fun things on campus that students don’t really know about,” Logue said. “Even getting coffee at Starbucks is nice because it’s an easy way to catch up on what each other has been up to.”

Milberger also added that being involved in the same organizations on campus is nice because it’s just another part of their day where they are going to see and hang out with each other. She’s adamant that although romance may be considered “dead” in today’s society, she certainly feels that Logue has done a pretty great job at making her swoon.

“People think that you have to make big and grand romantic gestures, but he does the little things really well,” she said. “He holds the door me, is very supportive of me and tells me how confident I should be in myself. He just makes me feel confident and good about myself and I think that’s pretty romantic.”

As the couple approaches their one-year anniversary in April, one thing is certain: the world could use a lot more couples like Logueberger.


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