Movies that Cupid missed

Published by adviser, Author: Harmony Kasper - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 4, 2016

Whether you don’t favor Valentine’s Day because you’re single or you just can’t stand the fact that there’s a holiday dedicated to love, I’ve got just the movie playlist for you.  Go ahead and buy yourself those chocolates in the heart-shaped box and grab a bottle of Merlot, because you will need it to get through these “almost” romantic happy endings.  These are the films that “Cupid’s arrow missed.”


“Like Crazy” (2011)

This romantic drama stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as Jacob and Anna.  Anna is a British exchange student studying in Los Angeles, where she falls in love with Jacob.  The two go through a “honeymoon” stage, continuing into the summer.  Anna returns home to London for a brief stint before coming back to America, where she is denied because her visa has expired.  She is informed that she’s banned from entering the U.S.  The immigration problem makes their relationship suffer because the long distance is just too much for them to handle.  Both characters move on to other people, but neither can shake the feelings they have for one another.  In the end, even though they do end up together, their happiest memories were at the beginning of their relationship and it’s obvious that this won’t last.  The romantic happy ending that we all hope for never comes as the couple simply “settles.”


“Once” (2007)

This Irish musical film stars Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová as Guy and Girl.  Guy is a musician playing on the streets of Dublin and Girl is a Czech immigrant selling flowers.  The two meet and bond over their love for music.  In the beginning, it appears that both are single.  It’s then revealed that Guy has an ex-girlfriend in London that he’s thinking about visiting and Girl has a toddler and a husband, who lives in the Czech Republic.  Despite the flirtation, the two do not end up together.  Girl even reveals that she loves Guy in her native language, which he doesn’t understand.  At the end, when the two are meant to meet up for one last goodbye, Guy is stood up and leaves for London without seeing his friend.  Girl stays in Dublin with her child and husband, who have decided to move and live with them.


“Roman Holiday” (1953)

The classic romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck as Princess Ann and Joe is a must see.  Princess Ann wants to escape her stuffy, royal life and adventure around Rome.  When Joe first meets Ann, he doesn’t recognize who she is.  Coincidentally, he is a journalist asked to interview the princess.  He uses his friendship with her to his advantage and offers to show her around Rome.  Ann shares her dreams of a normal life and everything seems to be smooth sailing until government agents track her down.  The two share a kiss before Ann returns to being a princess.  Joe decides not to write the story about Princess Ann, despite the large sum of money he would receive.  When answering questions for the press, she is asked what her favorite city has been on her European tour.  She answers Rome, knowing Joe is in the audience.


“Up In The Air” (2009)

The comedy-drama includes George Clooney as Ryan, Vera Farmiga as Alex, and Anna Kendrick as Natalie.  Ryan is a frequent flyer for work and is trying to become the seventh person to earn ten million miles with American Airlines.  Along the way, he meets Alex and the two become friends.  Ryan also meets Natalie, a new hire with the company that he is asked to look after.  Natalie questions Ryan’s philosophy on relationships and life, wondering why he doesn’t just ask Alex out when they obviously have chemistry.  After Ryan convinces Alex to attend his younger sister’s wedding with him, he begins to have second thoughts on his own life.  Unplanned, he flies to Alex’s home and finds that she is married with children.  She tells him that he was her escape.  In the end, Ryan meets his ten million miles with American Airlines but isn’t in the mood to celebrate.


“Batman Begins” (2005) & “The Dark Knight” (2008)

You might be wondering why these two are on my list, but in the end, saving the day doesn’t also result in getting the girl.  The famous superhero films star Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce.  In “Batman Begins,” Bruce and Rachel, played by Kate Holmes, have been friends since childhood until their relationship becomes stranded due to Bruce becoming Batman.  Rachel gets caught up in the action and at the end, confesses to Bruce that she cannot be with him if he is Batman.  In “The Dark Knight,” Katie Holmes is replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal for the part of Rachel.  She begins to date the district attorney, making Bruce jealous.  Rachel again gets caught in the crossfire of good vs. evil when she is kidnapped by the Joker.  She is killed in an explosion, prompting Batman to avenge her death.  It’s revealed that she left a note behind that only Alfred has knowledge of, revealing that she was going to marry the district attorney and she knows she has disappointed Bruce.


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