“Wild ‘N Out” cast members play television show games with SRU students

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Campus Life Editor, Date: November 18, 2015

The Slippery Rock University Program Board (UPB) invited three of the stars from the MTV2 sketch comedy show “Wild ‘N Out,” Emmanual Hudson, Jacob Williams and Chaunte Wayans, to perform skits and play games from their show with the audience on Monday night in the Robert M. Smith Student Center Ballroom.

Hudson, who was the emcee of the event, said he got his start as an entertainer about four years ago with his little brother. He said he started posting videos locally on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. Hudson said the popular video that he and his brother made, “Ratchet Girl Anthem,” began to spread rapidly.

“Next thing you know, I put videos on YouTube and that was probably the best thing I could ever do,” he said.

After watching his viral videos on YouTube, Hudson said that was when Nick Cannon, the host of “Wild ‘N Out,” contacted him and asked him to be on the show.

“Nick hit me up,” Hudson said. “There isn’t a long story, pull out the Bible, none of that. Nick hit me up and was like, ‘hey, come on “Wild ‘N Out'” and I did. I have a very loyal fan base.”

Hudson said his favorite games to play on “Wild ‘N Out” are “Let Me Holla,” “Plead The Fifth” and all the song games.

“Let Me Holla” is a game where the entertainers on each team try to pitch the best pickup line to one of the “Wild ‘N Out” models. “Plead The Fifth” is a game where the entertainers have to come up with different questions to ask the team captains. The captains either answer the question, or if they can’t handle the question, they “plead the fifth.”

Hudson said “Plead The Fifth” is starting to grow on him because he’s gotten better at it over the past few months.

Because of his appearances on “Wild ‘N Out,” Hudson said people automatically think that he has a lot of money. He said people should stop assuming that he has it all just because he’s on a television show.

“Every time I go to a strip club, the DJ is always like, “Oh, it’s Emmanual Hudson, he’s about to make it rain,’” Hudson said. “No, if you send some strippers my way, it will be sunny.”

Williams, another cast member of “Wild ‘N Out,” also took the stage to entertain audience members.

He recalled a time in his life where he got fired from his jobs while he was in college.

“I got fired from an unpaid internship once,” Williams said. “I didn’t even know that could happen.”

Williams also said every time he takes the train in New York, he always seems to see odd things and people.

“I found a very unattractive couple on a train once,” Williams said. “I was like ‘aw’ and ‘ew’ at the same time.”

Wayans started off her section of the event by telling the audience that she identifies as a lesbian and she’s currently 123 days sober from drinking alcohol and doing drugs.

During her section of the event, Wayans urged students about the importance of staying in school.

“I went to be a computer scientist or a hacker, and a lawyer,” Wayans said. “I went to school for a semester and then I left.”

She also informed the audience of her recent arrest for driving under the influence, for which she had to serve 10 days in jail.

Throughout her whole skit, Wayans diverted her serious life stories into something comical and funny.

The “Wild ‘N Out” cast members played two games with the audience from the television show, “Let Me Holla” and “Family Reunion.”

Junior accounting major, Ronnie Johnson was one of many students who participated in the “Family Reunion” game.

“Family Reunion” is a game where members of two different teams try to look for members in the audience that resemble their favorite “family relatives,” but they take a twist on it to try and make it funny. During the game, the audience is supposed to sing the jingle, “At the family reunion, who we introducing, who we introducing.”

Johnson said that game was fun because it caused him to think from the top of his head on what to say. He said he enjoyed the event overall, especially the interaction between the “Wild ‘N Out” cast members and the audience.

Victoria Coleman, sophomore psychology major, said she thought the event was set up well and that it ran very smoothly. She said UPB also made a good decision on what entertainers to bring.

Coleman said her favorite entertainer of the night was Wayans because she was real and turned who she was into a joke.

Brendan Whitney, freshman sports management major, said Hudson was his favorite entertainer because he had good jokes and he didn’t censor himself. He also said he hopes UPB hosts an event like this again soon.

For aspiring comedians and entertainers, Hudson said the best advice he could give someone is to be themselves. He said it’s more important for individuals to be themselves today because once you create something, it’s yours and you can take credit and ownership of it.

“For example, I don’t like to do everything else that everyone is doing,” Hudson said. “If you look on social media today, you see this get reenacted and this get reenacted. I don’t like when people are copycats.”

Hudson also urged students to be original when coming up with content.

“Be way more original, that way, you get more money because it’s all your ideas and -you know it’s genuine,” Hudson said. “You don’t have to be compared to anybody. Stay true to yourself and I promise you’ll go a long way.”

At the end of the event, Hudson announced that there will be an eighth season of “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV 2.




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