International Fashion Show displays fashions from around the world

Published by adviser, Author: Emma Pfeifer - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: November 12, 2015

The International Fashion Show hosted by the Internations club gave Slippery Rock’s students a chance to show their culture and their fashion.

There were over 100 students in the club from 36 different countries that worked to put the show together. It was held on Monday from 8:00-9:00 in the SSC Ballroom.

Jessica McBain, an international student from Australia, was one of the hosts for the fashion show. She stated that the purpose of the show was to “promote the diverse culture we have on campus.” She also said it was a fun kick-off to Internations Week.”

The show started off with two hosts discussing what would be happening and what other events the club was hosting throughout the rest of the week.

The event showcased over 20 countries and the fashion associated with the culture. The hosts announced the name of a country and two students would walk out on the cat-walk presenting that country’s fashion. Each time students came out representing a country, one of the hosts would give a few facts about that country.

A couple of the facts that were announced were that Japan is the has the most punctual train system with only having a delay of 18 seconds, India has the world’s largest democracy, in South Korea you are considered one year old at birth.

There was an opening performance performed by a student from Nepal that sang acapella to start off the show. There was a total of five performances that appeared in-between the transition from different countries from six students.

“We do this every year as a part of the Internations week. This show exposes different cultures and traditional clothing that gave students a real look,” Mcbain said. Mcbain is the activities coordinator in the club. She also performed in the show by singing 2 a.m. by Anna Nalick.

The stage was surrounded with small flags that represented each country. There was a different song played for each country to demonstrate each country’s culture.

Danielle Jeung, a sophomore music therapy major said, “I think seeing different cultural fashion and realizing that not everyone dresses the same is amazing.”

There were some apparent differences between countries such as the United States and China. Two students that represented China came out in a long traditional dress and the students that came out for the United States were dressed in a basketball shirt and shorts.

Shannon Pitcairn, a junior public relations major, said, “I personally think that it was better than last year mainly because of the personalities of the models. They made the show what it was, and did a good job of interacting with the audience.”

There were barely any seats left in the room, there were many people standing along the outside of the room. Throughout the show, audience members would clap along with the songs and cheer on their fellow peers.

“We felt it was successful,” McBain said. “We got a bigger turn out than we anticipated, and we are all really happy about that.”

The Internations Club hosted three other events throughout the week including a “Coffee House” themed get-together with a free lunch in the SWC building on Tuesday, a round table panel discussion in Eisenberg on Thursday and then to conclude the week, a International Dinner in the SSC Ballroom on Friday Nov. 13.

“The club is a fun experience, we try to organize a lot of events to get our International students involved and having fun,” McBain said.


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