SRU puts on first ever ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Published by adviser, Author: Emma Pfeifer - Asst. Campus Life Editor, Date: September 17, 2015

Students and faculty gathered during common hour on Tuesday to battle for the lip sync championship in hopes of being voted the best. The event was held in the area right in front of the information desk on the first floor of the Robert M. Smith Student Center.

The first contender to perform was Director of the Student Center, Chris Cole, who sang “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer. After Cole’s performance was done, his opponent Executive Director of Student Development, Brad Kovaleski lip synced “A Whole New World”, from the Disney movie, Aladdin. Brad’s performance included bringing a woman to the stage and having her lip sync along with him to Jasmine’s part of the song. Along with having a partner, Brad incorporated a magic carpet that they sat on while performing and also two stuffed animals representing the monkey and pet tiger from the movie.

Next to perform was SGA President, Logan Steigerwalt. He performed the song “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. Logan had two dancers, Sara Arpino and Aimee Albright that danced on stage with him. The final performance was UPB President, Brandon Quinn who sang “Kiss You” by One Direction. During his performance, Quinn ripped off his One Direction tank top. He also serenaded different people throughout his performance and at the very end he kissed a girl from the audience.

Throughout the entire show, the lobby on the first floor of the Student Center was filled, there were students up and down the staircase and students watching over the balcony on the second floor. The crowd was “wooing” and cheering for each contender and were told to vote on Twitter for who they thought did the best job. The students were told to use the hashtag #SSC with the name of whoever they wanted to be voted as lip sync champion. Steigerwalt claimed the victory over Quinn and Kovaleski was victorious over Cole.

Quinn said that the purpose of this event was to get more social events happening on campus. He said that the battles are going to become a monthly event and he hopes to get more students to participate and be social.

Junior digital media production major, Aimee Albright explained that she thought the battle went incredibly well and she was surprised by how many students came to watch the event. She enjoyed seeing the staff members showing off their “talent” and having fun. Her favorite part was “Brad’s magic carpet ride.” Albright said that it is the little things, such as the Lip Sync Battle that make The Rock an enjoyable place to work.

Claire Seasoltz, junior safety management major had generally the same feelings as Albright. Seasoltz said that she hopes to see this event continue as it seemed to provide a break for students during their busy day.


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