AVI offers new dining options to accommodate students

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Campus Life Editor, Date: September 3, 2015

AVI recently revealed new changes and new dining options at Boozel, Rocky’s, Weisenfluh, Quaker Steak and Lube and the Campus Drive Grill in order to better accommodate student based on their tastes and needs.

Lisa Rodgers, director of operations for AVI at Slippery Rock, said one of the main reasons for the second omelet line at Boozel was because staff and students started to notice how long the first line gets during breakfast time.

Rodgers also said when AVI meets with resident hall students and ask what they would like to see at Boozel, several students said they would like to see another omelet line during breakfast time.

Recently, Boozel has started to experience an egg shortage during breakfast. Rodgers explained that the second omelet line is not responsible for the egg shortage.

“The egg shortage is not because of the second omelet line,” Rodgers said. “The egg shortage is based on the avian flu.”

Rodgers said the avian flu kills about 40,000 chickens annually and completely wipes out the chicken population. In order to get new eggs, new chickens, or “teenage chickens,” have to hatch. Rodgers said it normally takes up to a year for teenage chickens to produce new eggs.

Sophomore early childhood and special education major, Melissa Jones said she’s very excited for the second omelet line because Boozel’s breakfast is her favorite meal of the day.

“They needed it,” Jones said. “Sometimes I couldn’t get an omelet because the lines were so long. This second line will definitely be beneficial for Boozel.”

Senior exercise science major, Haley Knotts said she goes to Boozel mainly for their breakfast because the omelets are the healthiest choice, so having another omelet line will shorten the wait for an omelet.

AVI has also introduced a new vegetable and noodle bar at Boozel. Rodgers said AVI partnered and trained with several different international students to create this new section at Boozel.

“International students are more familiar with foods such as rice, grains and noodles, so we tried to recreate that,” Rodgers said.

Danielle Maurer, sophomore recreational therapy major said the noodle and vegetable bar will be a success because most international students who come here aren’t familiar with American food. She believes this new upgrade will be a success.

AVI has also introduced Agave, a new Mexican station located next to the Wrapped station in Rocky’s.

Rodgers said it was student interest that made this new station possible.

“Down in the old union, there was a placed called La Roca and a lot of students have mentioned they want La Roca back,” Rodgers said. “Agave is very similar to La Roca.”

Agave will offer burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads and bowls, including toppings such as beef, chicken, buffalo chicken and rice and beans.

Rodgers said although Agave will offer tacos, it will not be in competition with “Taco Tuesday” at Rocky’s. Since beef tacos will only be 99 cents, Rodgers said every day will be Taco Tuesday.

Rodgers said there are no future plans to add other diverse food stations at Rocky’s. She said later on down the road AVI hopes to change out the Boulder Subs station and also do some alterations to the pasta station.

The Gastro Pub is a new restaurant inside Weisenfluh that will be open during the afternoon and evening. The restaurant will be open seven days a week and will offer a mediterranean vibe to students, Rodgers said. Breakfast at the Gastro Pub will end at 10:30 a.m. and the ‘create your own burger’ section will open at 4 p.m. Salads, sandwiches and appitizers such as soup, pretzel sticks, French fries, fish and chips will be offered between the times of 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. The Gastro Pub will stay open until 10 p.m.

Jones said the Gastro Pub will be very useful for people who have late classes.

“I could never go there [Weisenfluh] because the other places close at like 4 and I would have late classes,” Jones said.

Rodgers said during the afternoon the tables at the Gastro Pub will be accompanied by trivia games, word searches and Sudoku to keep students entertained and make for a more fun experience while students wait for their food.

When thinking about what to add to the dining halls around campus, Rodgers said AVI tries to incorporate student feedback into everything they implement.

Other upgrades around campus in new menu items at Quaker Steak and Lube, breakfast sandwiches at the Campus Drive Grill and new gluten free and vegan pastries at Boozel.


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