WOW helps incoming freshmen get involved

Published by adviser, Author: Emma Pfeifer - Assistant Campus Life Editor, Date: August 27, 2015

The Weekend of Welcome (WOW) is a time where incoming freshmen finally flip to the next chapter of their lives.

The objective of Weekend of Welcome is to make the freshman feel as comfortable as possible in their new atmosphere. There were all kinds of activities, meetings, and events that go on throughout this weekend that are designed to get the newcomers to meet as many people as possible. This year’s WOW included events such as casino night, a pep rally, movie night and a Greek carnival.

Incoming freshman, Christopher Luffy said that the pep rally was enjoyable and he also said he even won a basket at casino night. Luffy also said tha t Saturday night was great and he met a lot of new friends at the bonfire  at Building F.

Several incoming freshmen using the #sru19 on Twitter said they had a good weekend and some students said they were very surprised with the friendliness and easy-going nature of the students.

To prevent any disasters during WOW, the university puts together a WOW management team that not only helps move freshmen into their dorms, but  also aids freshmen along their college journey. The WOW management team must also attend most of the events that happen during WOW.

Member of the WOW management team, Victoria Coleman said that she attended the majority of the events that weekend and they were filled with students.

Coleman also said the move-in was her favorite part of the weekend and she enjoyed interacting with new students.Along with the different activities and events that went on throughout the weekend, new students also moved into their dorm rooms.

CA’s are trained to answer questions from their residents and get their floor involved and connected to ensure a sense of community among the floor.

Freshman, Milo Burton explained that she met all of the people on her floor quickly after she moved in and that it was an awesome experience. Burton said during her move-in, a lot of the WOW workers took her stuff to her room, which made for an easier move-in process.

“Mostly the students who were carrying the luggage carts helped, they brought my stuff in and also my CA offered to help,” Burton said.

Compared to last year’s WOW, some students expressed that their experience this year was a lot different.

Junior pubic relations major, Ausha Shaw said the WOW activities during her freshmen year were a let down.

“My WOW weekend seemed to be a lot different than this year’s for the freshmen,” Shaw said. “I didn’t go to all of the activities that weekend and a few of the ones I did go to weren’t as fun as I thought they would be. It was kind of a disappointment.

Aside from the different activities offered during WOW, a job fair was held for students to find employment on campus, the Slippery Rock Student Government Association hosted a movie in the Robert M. Smith Student Center theater and shuttle busses took students to the Grove City Outlets.


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