Lively, Paltrow create lifestyle websites that highlight fashion and food

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis - Campus Life Editor, Date: November 12, 2014

Getting lifestyle advice from A-list actresses Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow was an unattainable feat in the past, but with the creation of their respective sites, Preserve and Goop, women can find recipes, read advice tips, and dress in fashions handpicked by the stars themselves.

Lively and Paltrow aren’t the first names that come to mind when thinking of domesticity, which is a detail that many have been quick to judge as the popularity of their sites continues to rise. The original domestic goddess, Martha Stewart, has questioned why Lively wanted to create a lifestyle website when she already has a successful career as an actress, according to the Huffington Post.

Stewart, who is friends with Lively and helped the actress plan her wedding two years ago, invited Lively to speak at her American Made Summit where it was made clear there is no bad blood between the two as they discussed life and business. Paltrow on the other hand isn’t in Stewart’s good graces. She called the actress’s potential lack of confidence in her acting abilities a reason why Paltrow may have wanted to start her lifestyle website, according to “PORTER” magazine.

Feuds aside, there are similarities between Lively’s Preserve and Paltrow’s Goop, like blog posts from the stars themselves, curated fashion picks and delectable recipes for any occasion. There are a host of differences as well, like the warm and inviting Americana feel of Preserve that contrasts with Goop’s minimalist design and chic content from clothing to “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects that seem befitting of an Upper East Side or Beverly Hills lifestyle.

The recently launched Preserve has been a year and a half in the making for Lively who has been working on this business venture as an aside to her acting career. A longtime fan of DIY projects thanks to influences from her parents during her childhood, her status as one of the best dressed women in Hollywood and as a passionate philanthropist, she has implemented all of her interests into her site.

The idea behind Preserve according to Lively in her first Letter from the Editor is that, “everyone has a story to tell,” which explains why she’s picked items for her website made by artisans from across the country that tell stories through their craft. The clothing featured on her website was picked by Lively, and she has gone so far as to implement many of the pieces she sells into her own wardrobe. Her favorite pieces range in style from Navajo print trench coats that she’s worn on the streets of New York City, to wool cable coats worn to red carpet events.

Ingredients for recipes featured on the site can be found in the taste section in the online store and range in price from $7-$100. The recipes are also relatively simple to make and are accompanied with party planning tips to compliment the meal.

Philanthropy is also a main feature on the site as Lively has promised that 5 percent of sales from all items during Preserve’s first year will go to Covenant House, a charity dedicated to protecting homeless and abused children.

Paltrow’s Goop, which was founded in 2008, has seen a surge in popularity as of late by people that have been quick to compare her site with Lively’s, but Paltrow’s venture features more upscale fashions and home goods and recipes for the health-conscious foodies of the world. Paltrow who is an avid chef with two cookbooks to her name shares recipes on her site created by her and the Goop team and by trusted chefs from across the country. Homemade pasta, peppermint hot chocolate and miso soup are just a sampling of the recipes handpicked by Paltrow for Goop’s recipe collection.

The fashion is what sets Preserve and Goop apart because each week Goop partners with a popular brand to create a capsule collection of exclusive items that have been given the seal of approval by the actress. Past collaborations have been with Diane von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney who have designed streamlined pieces that look like they could’ve been pulled straight from Paltrow’s own closet.

Goop also has an app that sells for $3.99, which highlights the best of New York City, London and Los Angeles culture, including where to dine, shop and places to explore to get the best experience possible while traveling.

Both Preserve and Goop have a lot to offer readers that are looking to add flair to their lives whether it’s in the form of fashion or food. While Preserve has a more every-woman feel than Goop which appeals more to the taste of wealthy sophisticates, there is something available for every avid lifestyle consumer.


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