Where are all the quality sitcoms?

Published by adviser, Author: Rebecca Marcucci - Campus Life Editor , Date: April 24, 2014

I know nothing about “Game of Thrones.” I’ve never watched an episode of “The Walking Dead.” I hear “Breaking Bad” was a good show. I’m in the TV minority. In a world of so much adapted adventure programming, it seems I am so Nick at Nite. Many television sitcoms have appeared never to return again. But what is it about TV shows that hold our attention? Is it the drama? Because I know I’d rather unwind with a good laugh.

Never mind the fact that I would come home from school and turn on “SpongeBob SquarePants,” during my elementary school days. Then I would wait until eight or nine when “The Cosby Show” or “Full House” would come on and that was my treat.

So there wasn’t any blood shed or meth dealings in these shows, but you can bet those Huxtable kids had the talk about drugs with Cliff and Claire, or DJ learned her body was beautiful and that she didn’t need to starve herself to be seen as beautiful. So maybe that got a little too after-school special, but what really drew me in were the laughs.

I watch these shows today and think, “Man, I would love a hug from Danny Tanner after the long day I just had.” or “If I could just watch Bill Cosby dance in a brightly-patterned sweater, my week would be made.” These shows give me a sense of stability with their family values and how they try to treat each character with respect. I realize it’s G-rated of me to want nothing but these shows. But I just want sitcoms with characters that feel like family.

Anyone that knows me realizes I am going through “How I Met Your Mother” withdrawals. It might not be healthy and I may never get over it. I guess I’m just looking for a show to fill that void in the meantime. I need to come to grips with reality that someday it will be taken off Netflix and syndication everywhere and I just won’t know what to do except buy the season DVDs and watch them alone with a box of Cheez-Its. But there is hope, I know there is!

Someday “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother” references will be irrelevant and I won’t know how to conform to society and talk to people about present day happenings. Maybe I will break down and step away from my sitcoms and dive into an adventure-packed show, that is until a better sitcom makes itself known. But for now I don’t see that happening, so don’t mind me if I’m the cheesy grandparent making references you don’t understand for the next 40 years. Maybe one day I’ll find a show that will make life worth living…or I could live my own life, you know, whichever comes first!


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